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  1. It would be nice to get one without having to deal with Hennessey though
  2. I gotta wonder why Ford is still building the 5.4 when the 5.0 is so much better from what I've heard/read. Is it that much cheaper to build? Is the 5.0 constrained by demand? I hope when this thing comes out the 5.4 isn't in it. 300ish hp just doesn't cut it when the escalade has been over 400 for a generation.
  3. Come on guys,you all are usually smarter than this. EVERY car needs to swap brake fluid if the owner plans on going to the track. I believe the issues are price and longevity with the high temp track stuff, but there could be other factors. Every car my friends and I've raced including a ZL1 have all needed better fluid (and also pads - stock pads ALWAYS suck for the track) On the subject, this thing looks good! Hopefully the suspension upgrades can close the gap with the ZL1's magnetic setup.
  4. Plasma transferred wire arc is a very useful technology, I don't see any reason it couldn't be applied to the 5.0 and give it a few more cubes. On topic I would be absolutely shocked to see the cobra/gt500/whateveryouwanttocallit use anything other than the current 5.8 or a forced induction 5.0. An NA engine would be a step backwards in my eyes.

    EcoBoost 1.5L rating

    I read the 1.5 is the result of Chinese taxes on engines above 1.5L and I agree that they'll probably be phasing out the 1.6 as soon as it makes economic sense (redesign timeframes etc). They're probably attempting to extract a little more value out of the 1.6/manual before adding a 1.5/manual

    Ken Block - Gymkhana 3

    NASCAR cars are tube frame aren't they? This appears to have the fiesta's frame...if nothing else. Driveline is all new I'm sure. I can't wait to hear the Subaru guys complain about how much better the last two were
  7. I'm getting sick of everyone babbling on and on about how beautiful the new sonata is. I'll give them credit for trying something new-ish and more daring than most, but its proportions are ALL wrong. I guess it's the best one can do with a FWD family sedan, but still, not gorgeous, not beautiful, actually it's quite cartoonish and oddly shapen in person. My money would go elsewhere.

    2011 F-150 engine Options

    Any idea when we will get word on final outputs? I thought 2011's were right around the corner... My best guess for outputs are in line with jasonj80. I'm very interested in how they will differentiate them. It may sound easy like mpg vs displacement, but this market is output-number happy in my experience.
  9. My understanding is that the 150k miles figure comes courtesy of the EPA, a car's emission equipment has to be designed to last the lifetime of the car and be warranted as such. Naturally then the engine must be designed the at least meet this number. EPA and CARB consider a non-commercial vehicle's lifetime to be 150k miles if I remember correctly. Everything considered, EB should be fine for 95%+ of owners, but only time will tell.
  10. My alma mater as well, good idea for the school: the price is dirt cheap for so much land and the city is packed with no room to expand. They'll need some more buses though since it's a good ways away from most locations
  11. http://www.delawareonline.com/article/2009...ONTPAGECAROUSEL Woo...some of my friends worked at this plant as interns, good to see it open up and Fisker of all companies to move in And yes, I know the Sky and Opel GT were made there too

    Ecoboost Article

    Just means you need to buy an aftermarket intercooler....

    Toyota Fix for the Floormat

    Am I the only person who knows how to put my car in Neutral? I mean, I know we aren't Toyota owners but wow.... Brilliant fix by the way....
  14. it would sure ruin your day to have an airbag slap you...good morning!