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  1. RangerM

    Anyone Remember the Notorious Posters?

    That's worse, by far, than I recall anything on BOF; even compared to 2008.
  2. If you have an Android, perhaps you could bring the experience full circle with this app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.khughes88.tapedeckfree
  3. Discovered I had another update this morning. Now my Google Pixel is fully working with Sync.
  4. The moderates are on each side. They'll tell you so themselves. That said, your idea of what is "fiscally conservative and socially liberal" is (believe it or not) likely too broad, because conservatism requires restraint and recognition of boundaries and liberalism (as it's defined today) has very few. Getting back to the topic of Millenials, I have several working for me. They ALL WANT CARS, but with 10s of 1000s in student loan debt, they have to put that on hold for now.
  5. Reminds me of Wonderbug or Speed Buggy. At least that's what my late '40s memory says.
  6. Thanks. It did add $150 to the cost of a "normal" (read: black) spray-in, but it's held up well (it's over 2 years old in that picture). I did say "color-matched", but I probably should have said it was simply a color I selected from an available palette (I think there were about 8 - 12 to choose from). Fortunately, it looks virtually the same color as the rest of the truck in person. Many don't recognize that it's a spray-in until they see it up close.
  7. It would be really slick if they could color-match from the factory, as well. This is what the aftermarket was capable with mine.
  8. RangerM

    Rear seat warning systems

    As the father of a child still in a car seat, I'd like to know more. The car seat doesn't weigh that much, but it stays in place all the time, and it's artificially heavy by virtue of being held down by the latch connections, and the seatbelt isn't used. I suppose you'd have the chime going off whether a child is in the seat or not? Regarding airbags, I'm not sure if an airbag going off next to a child seat wouldn't matter or may present a greater hazard than not going off at all. By the time this comes to the market, my son probably won't be in a car seat anymore, but I'm just wondering how this is implemented.
  9. Without some radical advance in battery technology (or government force), we'll put flammable liquids into IC-powered vehicles for the foreseeable future.
  10. If you have a spare few thousand dollars lying around. I thought it was an interesting 5-minute read. http://www.lilbigrig.com/Lil_Pete_Pricing___FAQ_FUFV.html
  11. I read this link. Please educate me. What is the pertinent part of this article that in any way applies to the Titan pickup? They're making the truck in America.
  12. All corporations' desire is to acquire market share. Ford is trying to take it from GM.....GM from Chrysler.....Chrysler from Nissan.....Nissan from Toyota.....etc. You make it sound like Nissan is a malevolent foreign invader. They're not. They are a foreign investor, because they believe by making a truck here (in the States) they can make a profit. If they take the dollars back to Japan (which they don't, since you can't buy anything there with them), so what? They traded trucks for slips of paper of diminishing value. The Japanese government's monetary policy doesn't affect the profitability of the Titan in any way. Nissan isn't exporting trucks from Japan to here, nor are they exporting from here to there. Ford isn't doing it, either. There's no market for a big truck there, nor here for a truck that costs a fortune to ship across an ocean. If anything, the Titan represents an Americanized-Nissan doing business in America, as an American corporation, by hiring Americans to produce a product for sale to other Americans. Do you really believe they are stealing something from you or others? If so, what?
  13. RangerM

    Rumor: Scion dies today (Update: Fact)

    With STEM degrees, it’s not the school that matters
  14. I'm pretty sure that this truck is being built in the USA by other Americans. The name Nissan may not be American, but neither is mine, and I was born here. Whether or not Nissan wants to call it "American Titan" is up to them, although I question how well that will go over with the buying public. (the same public that largely doesn't know that all Honda Accords sold here are built in Ohio)
  15. Other than being a bit long, this seems ok. The "American Titan" at the end makes me wonder how they're branding this truck, though.