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  1. 73 LTD

    F-150 Diesel

    Slowly breaking in. Today I hit 5000 plus miles and MPG is ticking up @ 28.2
  2. 73 LTD

    F-150 Diesel

    It’s a year later but finally got it and could not be happier for my needs.
  3. Yes those tarrifs are horrible for US Steel industry and workers. United States Steel Corporation X is set to reopen the second of two blast furnaces at its integrated steelmaking plant, Granite City Works, in Illinois. The company plans to restart the blast furnace around Oct 1. The steel giant said that it will hire roughly 300 workers for the restart that is expected to support the growing demand for steel made in the United States. The move will also support higher expected shipments starting in fourth-quarter 2018 and also enable U.S. Steel to support customers during its planned asset revitalization in
  4. 73 LTD

    F-150 Diesel

    Disappointing to hear this Ice. This may force us into Super Duty if 150 diesel turns out to be a boutique trucklet. We need a truck soon with our Edge lease finishing up soon. Wife wont be happy.
  5. 73 LTD

    F-150 Diesel

    What date does production begin?
  6. Our 76 Maverick had three on the tree.