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  1. As of 2-3 weeks ago we had about 17,000 trucks sitting around Louisville. They were waiting to be updated. They are now working on bringing them back to ship out.
  2. ive seen a few commercial and advertisements. Yeah your right, lets set back and watch it fail. smh
  3. Anyone have any information on the 24 Ranger being released for sell. All the dealers around be are empty and doesn't have any information.
  4. Anyone from MAP give any updates on when they will be released. Only seeing a handful in my area and they are Raptors.
  5. KTP walked out at 6:30 today on strike. Not sure how many 24s were built before the strike.
  6. I saw one of these today in the plant. Looks really nice. It's really light grey, kinda hard to describe.
  7. OHAP builds chassis cabs, 250-550, as far as I know. I keep hearing talk of them adding the bed.
  8. 1. You can't blame Fords leadership for another companies failure. I'm sure they are having staffing issues just like everyone else. 2. You have to add in the transportation issues. 3. Parts have to come across the Canada & Mexico border. These are just some of the issues owe face every week.
  9. I can't find any numbers on HD/SD sales. I would think that Ford outsells them. When you throw in the 1500 and combine the GM/Chevy they do outsell Ford. At KTP alone we are building approximately 7,600 Super Duties a week. I'm not sure what Ohio builds a week.
  10. I've been at Ford/KTP for 24 years. Ever since COVID, parts have been an issue. We have missed more production days in the last 3 years than the previous 21 years. Believe me, Ford wants to build these trucks!
  11. I have not head anything new on the diesel OKTB. We did start running full production this week, so it was pretty busy. I am seeing both diesel motors coming off the line. I have not seen a Tremor pkg in a few weeks.
  12. We was told at the plant to expect full production starting this Monday. Hopefully we can get this production going.
  13. Wished I had that answer. They have people working 7x12 at the storage lots to have them ready to come back to the plant. As far as production, we are running only gas trucks this week. The last I heard about diesel OK to ship was mid April, but that could change at any time.
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