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  1. The last gen of the qx80 had air suspension in the rear, but not in the front. The new one has 4 corner air suspension. The nav had air suspension from gen 1 to gen 3 pre refresh. Idk why they decided to get rid of it, the post refresh nav without air suspension rode great, but ccd wasn't as good. Ccd just can't compete with such a huge vehicle as air suspension for its target demo.
  2. From the articles and video reviews, they seem to like the interior roominess and interface alot. Some of the gimmicky features are, well gimmicky, like the biometric hvac and stereo features. It handles well, and the engine is smooth and brisk. The ride is very good, but not class leading. I was looking forward to thwse reviews because I actually like how it looks. The nav shouldn't have a hard time clearing this from the reviews, however, every reviewer on every competitor says no other fs suv has reached the standard that the escalade has set, with only the gw being close enough. Without the air suspension, which honestly doesn't look like is added to the new nav, I don't see the nav clearing that bar either, and if it doesn't, they aren't going to eat much into the escalade sales more than they plan to nor come close. The luxury drive feel is the only thing holding this platform back, and we know the tech will be there due to how well recieved it is in the nautilus.
  3. The headrests look to have speakers in them. Looks like either the full led bar in the grille will be an option or for the black label.
  4. By how Long ford is taking to reveal these monsters, I guess we'll never know.
  5. All these exterior shots but no new interior photos
  6. Looks like ford is doin a floating roof for the expy, I like it
  7. If the top section has a lower leftover then the glass does currently, it'll be easier to access the power panel, esp in relation to whatever you would be powering
  8. I also think it assists with making use of on power pro easier if it gets added.
  9. Those interiors look good. China gets all the nice things.
  10. O I see...hopefully but it'll probably e difficult since there will be the camera and led light in the logo as well.
  11. Hopefully follows through with some of the most requested features, mainly hybrid, on board power generator, and air suspension as well as some Long term suspension and transmission issues
  12. Interesting observation I made. If you Google the trucks, the expy gets the most articles related to the recent crash tests, the chevy tahoe gets the least, even though it sells the most and arguably recieved the harshest ratings after testing.
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