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  1. If it is Ford Credit that financed your lease, I would think you could try to initiate the buyout at another Ford Dealer at a better price especially since each dealer usually sets their own charge for the "document fee".
  2. Not too bad but if it were less gimmicky with the taillights and the big chrome bar in the grille it would look a lot better.
  3. ...............but I can't. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/09/15/2016-ford-f150-limited-4x4-price-62k/
  4. On any given day with any given driver and any given car performance results will vary. Besides, no one is probably going to buy a Camaro or a Mustang based solely on performance. It will be interesting to see the sales results though because that's what really matters.
  5. I think their designers all graduated from the School of UGLY.
  6. This thing just sounds terrible. I wonder why because it didn't sound too bad in other videos i have heard? http://gtspirit.com/2015/08/30/video-2016-ford-gt-gte-tests-at-sebring/
  7. That's typical pricing for that dealership regardless of the time of the year. (I bought my Fusion from them). They may be a little more aggressive trying to sell the 2015 models but they will likely have similar discounts on the 2016 models.
  8. This is a typical dealer offering in my area. http://www.fortmillford.com/new/Ford/2015-Ford-Mustang-f52bf3010a0e0adf4686ae8d7fcb21bf.htm And this is without any additional haggling. The "advertised" Camaro pricing at local dealers is no where near as generous as this with or without rebates. And you can bet that $1500 rebate will go away when the 2016 Camaros hit the showrooms.
  9. It does matter in my opinion. While i currently drive an older Camaro and like the new one a lot based on what i have seen and read in various articles, I wouldn't buy a new one based on price alone. And keep in mind in addition to the higher sticker price, Mustangs are discounted much more heavily than Camaros as well so the difference is even more in cash that you can keep in your pocket. But my choice if I were buying today would be a Dodge Challenger anyway.
  10. In my area, Mustangs are heavily discounted while Camaro's are not. So it's always been less expensive to buy a Mustang.
  11. It is not much different than the current one. Look like it has some new wheels also.
  12. A supercharged 5.0 makes the most sense. In fact Hennesey already has built a supercharged Mustang GT making over 700 HP. http://www.hennesseyperformance.com/2015-mustang-gt-hpe700.html
  13. I really don't think it sounds that good in the various clips i have heard. It is loud that's for sure but it doesn't sound as good as a Ferrari or an Aston or even a Corvette.
  14. The sound of a V-6 no matter how good will never be the same as a V-8. I can only hope Ford keeps a V-8 in the next GT500 for that reason alone.
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