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  1. Of course the broncos are getting most of the microchips. Ford can’t fuck up this launch. It’s been a messed up year the bronco should be the bright spot for ford until they get this microchip bullshit resolved.
  2. I always said had that 3rd Mexican plant been built OAC would’ve probably been dead in the water. This plan is all still new, I’m pretty sure things will change as they always do with Ford. I’m what way I don’t know but one day at a time with ford and their planning that’s how I’m taking it.
  3. They’re gonna have to build some batteries up here so we will see how it all plays out. It just may be good news for Canada.
  4. Oacjay98

    OAC BEV Clay Model?

    That’s true kinda makes me wonder why they would be smaller vehicles in Canada since we have such high labor costs according to the bean counters. We do have that free trade agreement with Europe so that could be a factor. I think you’re right though about the vehicles being built at more than one facility.
  5. Oacjay98

    OAC BEV Clay Model?

    It’s small but then again I seen a report saying Corsair EV coming in 2020 whatever here so who knows. I thought that meb picture is for the German plant
  6. Thanks as well man, I appreciate it! That’s exactly what I will be doing!
  7. Oacjay98

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Bronco will mitigate some losses when it comes out
  8. Oacjay98

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    You can’t sell what you don’t have. There are more edges in the OAC parking lot than on dealer lots!
  9. Oacjay98

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Absolutely! The edge is not a priority for ford so it’s very deliberate. Why source parts to a vehicle that’s not your best seller. I’ve been at ford along time I know their playbook somewhat. For the past few weeks we’ve built edges and nautilus with no microchips for the past couple of weeks. 1 more week down for 3. We will build lame duck edge nautilus wind us down til 2023 then retool after more concessions in 2023 bargaining!
  10. Oacjay98

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Also how can the Edge have better sales if we’ve been down for over 6 weeks already for the year??? I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to what you’re saying but OAC has been hardest hit by this chip shortage.
  11. Hopefully nothing changes, you’ve waited long enough.
  12. OAC down for 3 weeks starting week of April 12. A bunch of other plants are too. I hope you get you’re Nautilus sometimes soon. What did the dealer tell you about delivery??
  13. True enough but that’s a long ways away. Plans can change and I’m grateful that OAC even got future investment at a cost of 600 million CAD charge to the Canadian governments. Why would they export Nautilus when they could’ve even built it somewhere else in N/A. I believe the Nautilus may resurrect as an EV along with the Edge and or Fusion Active.
  14. We buy enough stuff from China, I will NEVER buy any China built Ford!
  15. Ford can keep their Chinese made Nautilus. They take it from our plant to go build it in China, THEY CAN KEEP IT! Who knows, for all we know Nautilus and Edge or that Fusion whatever it is get built in Mexico in 2023 in EV format!
  16. Nautilus’s are being shipped I was told while Edges are being held for future placement of modules when they reprocess them at the plant. Like I said I’ve seen Nautlilus’s on trucks the edges are being parked with modules so they can be placed in at a later time when available.
  17. It’s industry wide, every company is being affected. Third quarter is the word for things to maybe start getting back to normal. I can only imagine the bidding wars.
  18. I’ll try and find out but there are tons of them parked up at the plant and I saw a few truckloads of them being shipped last Friday at the end of the shift so it’s a possibility. Sucks that you have to wait so long, this is one big mess.
  19. Yes indeed we are building the edges without parts and they’re parking them all over the place up here. Main plant is working anywhere from 7.5-8 hour shifts at the moment. We’re all wondering when we will be laid off again. We’ve been down over 6 weeks already in 2021.
  20. I’m sure Ford has future plans for their UAW plants to adopt EVs when and if ICE is done down the road. All of the above will be assembled in the US as well.
  21. I would say that’s a pretty good assessment. Also, we all knew that the Mach-E wasn’t gonna be the sole vehicle there at the Mexican plant. We just didn’t know that they would move the products from OHAP to Mexico to fill the production down there.
  22. We all know everything is subject to change at fomoco. UAW has every damn right to be pissed. When I hear Ford retooling plans I say we’ll see based on all of this.
  23. I’m sure you UAW brothers have nothing to worry about. You’re in the heartland of Ford! Next contract they will invest billions into your facilities! I agree Mexico getting 6 products is cause for concern but I’m sure ford doesn’t want a work stoppage which only the UAW can shut them down! Our little unifor up here in Canada can’t do shit. More and more announcements will be made about future EV investments in AMERICA!
  24. I’m sure the US will get the lion share of any EV investments going forward