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  1. Nice review. It's good that you mentioned about some of the truck parts. Too bad the pictures aren't loading properly.
  2. FordyZ

    2017 Ford Raptor

    How's the Raptor?
  3. FordyZ

    2005 Freestar

    Do you have any additions when you rebuilt the front end?
  4. FordyZ

    Super "T-REX'D" Duty

    looks great
  5. FordyZ

    2018 Mustang Production Information

    will take note of that
  6. FordyZ

    Just got my 2015 Energi

    How's the battery for Fusion Energi? I've just read Autoweek's write up about it. http://autoweek.com/article/car-reviews/2017-ford-fusion-energi-review-great-platform-small-trunk