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  1. Ikzz

    Mustang gt 2019

    Thank you Cyberdman!
  2. Hello. Could I have an update for this order? VIN: 1FA6P8CF5K5165736 Thank you
  3. Ikzz

    So much in this picture hurts

    Well here in Spain they doesn't even know how to obtain a sticker. They knew absolutely nothing about Magneride shortage, mexico strikes and so on. The rep even asked me to keep him updated. Ridiculous.
  4. I hope to not be the next one lol
  5. Wow what an experience you got. At least you have been able to "drive" the car to a safe spot. Gratz to you and to your cold blood. I presume that when you hear your engine stopping at that speed you start feeling a chill down the spine... Btw did you take the car to a mechanic after the event?
  6. Let me understand: your car stopped at 190km/h while you were passing an other vehicle, on an highway? You have been lucky...
  7. Ikzz

    2020 Ford Mustang Build Dates / JOB1

    Thank you for your answer. Very helpful!
  8. Ikzz

    2020 Ford Mustang Build Dates / JOB1

    Sorry if I ask and maybe is a stupid question but does this schedule means that ALL 2019 orders have to be built by 12th of august 2019 because on that date the production of 2020 models is going to begin? Thank you
  9. Time to ask for a green card in you country apparently.... 😂
  10. Ikzz

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    Mine should go in production on 18th of march. Probably without a steering wheel but it's not a problem for me because I was already planning to change it with the GT350 one. Ford has been able to meet my needs even before the car was actually built: what a company! 😂
  11. Ikzz

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    If I remember right you ordered back in october. Could I ask you the day? In my experience delivery requires 6-7 months for Euro customers and in your case would fit. Thank you
  12. Ikzz

    Hello from Germany

    Yeah I got it. Thank you!
  13. Ikzz

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    Ok. It is a big issue indeed...😢 Thank you for sharing. Very appreciated
  14. Ikzz

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    First Magneride, then tyres, now steering wheels. I'm curious about what will be next... At least if production isn't stopped and replacing the dummies with the real ones shouldn't be a big issue. Or not?
  15. Ikzz

    Hello from Germany

    Did the dealer give you this info?