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  1. Zooks527

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    They were unable to replicate it and it has never re-occurred.
  2. Zooks527

    Status of my Mustang GT

    Nice car! I follow these threads waiting for the delivery picture payoff.
  3. Zooks527

    Lane Keeping Aid hits before Lane Keeping ALert

    Fair cop. I think you can make a case either way. I do know that, at least in my car and at the lowest intervention setting, if you don't notice the steering input, you've dozed off the to point that the wheel shaking (much less intrusive than that in my old M235) isn't going to wake you up. I guess I fall into the "warn me then do something" school of thought, but, YMMV. 😉
  4. I have the Safe & Smart package on my car with Lane Keeping, which has both Lane Keeping Aid and Lane Keeping Alert. Lane Aid actively steers the car away from the lane markings if the turn signal is not on. Lane Alert shakes the steering wheel if you approach the line without the turn signal. The system can be configured so that either, neither, or both functions are on. If both are on, the way they are set up is that the car will actively try to move away from the line unless you push back against the car's steering attempt. After a few seconds, it stops trying to steer. Then, if you're still moving out of your lane, the wheel will shake as a warning. This is clearly how the system is intended to operate, as shown in the manual: Anyone else think this is backwards? Wouldn't it make more sense to warn you that you are approaching the line before it tries to steer instead of the other way around? If you haven't caught on that you're moving out of the lane because of the steering attempt, the wheel shaking seems unlikely to add any additional notification.
  5. Zooks527

    2020 Mustang Production Information

    Well, it would be more than "a few days", as they won't be hitting the dealers until September-ish, so you would lose a month or two of summer driving. Also, there's no changes to the GT between the 2019 and the 2020, other than silver/green/orange/red colors changing a bit, losing Kona Blue for Velocity Blue in the CS package (Boo! Kona Blue is a sweet color!), FordPass Connect becoming a bit more prevalent, and and the price going up a few hundred bucks. You look like you're ahead of the game to me.
  6. Zooks527

    ceramic seats versus 401A option group

    Oh, I realize that, but the color choices in 401A are the same for both the Recaros and the standard seats, making it necessary to have two different stock sets (standard v. Recaro) for each color option.
  7. Zooks527

    ceramic seats versus 401A option group

    Ceramic likely came up as lowest on the pile in a marketing survey when they were determining how many different seat colors to stock. There may also be an issue with stocking the Recaro seats in that color.
  8. Would love to know the day rate and how far in advance you'll have to reserve it. We'll typically borrow our daughter's car when we visit her in LA, but this could move me towards to counter for a few days, especially for the chance to compare it to my GT. Sadly, considering the limited number they're going to make, I'd expect it will be like winning the lottery to be able to get a slot for one. One question, though. From the article: "The base price for the GT is $61,345". Huh?
  9. Zooks527

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Thanks! Appreciate the info.
  10. Zooks527

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Does anyone know the thinking behind that? Is it a desire to get cars onto showroom floors for walk-ins to consider, as opposed to cars that will be in and immediately out to people already committed to buy?
  11. Zooks527

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    Rt 95 North, in the Pawtucket S-curve just before the MA state line. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.8823195,-71.3792086,738m/data=!3m1!1e3
  12. Zooks527

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    Not a hint of a problem over the weekend. Well, one. Driving up 95 in Pawtucket RI through the S-curves with the car in Sport+, my wife informed me that she didn't care if I wanted either the exhaust or the stereo booming, but not both at once and that I needed to turn one of them down.
  13. Zooks527

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    Aaaannnnndddd........ "Couldn't replicate the problem". Damn. Neither can I now. Well, that's why we have warranties. Drive it and see what happens. 221,000 miles. It's an old horse, but it keeps on plugging. We did European Delivery on my first BMW, drove it 400 miles on vacation, and dropped it at the shipper. Picked it up a month later at the BMW dealership in what was called "redelivery". 45 minutes and 45 miles later, I was sitting on the side of Rt. 495 in the pouring rain in the middle of an expanding puddle of gasoline after a fuel line disconnected. It went another 132k miles before I sold it.
  14. Zooks527

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    On the bright side, I was passing it and it was intact, instead of a less pleasant reason for it to be on the truck. Another plus was that he was doing under 65 instead of highballing it to try to maximize trips.