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  1. Our C-Max had an "engineering mode" that let you see a little of what's going on behind the curtain. It was as simple as holding the "OK" button when starting. Anyone know how to access engineering mode in a 2020? Procedures like this have no effect. TEST never shows. What am I doing wrong? ------------------- Go to "engineering mode" on your cluster by doing this: Press and hold OK button on the steering wheel. Turn the ignition on. You can also start the car. Wait for the TEST message on the trip computer display and release the button. Use arrows to move through the menu.
  2. fbov

    2020 Escape interesting behavior

    What driving mode are you using? NORMAL mode is designed to be unobtrusive. I understand SPORT has very different shift points. See if it feels different to you. Frank
  3. fbov

    2020 escape hybred FSA 20B14

    https://www.fordescape.org/threads/stop-safely-now-2020-hybrid.114791/page-2#post-1139555 and https://www.fordescape.org/threads/field-service-action.115130/#post-1139537 Some folks have reported control system issues that this seems to address. Stay well, Frank
  4. fbov

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    I'm trying to use Eco on the second tank, but as long as it's winter, I don't expect much. I have found that driving a hybrid repeatedly over the same route is a great way to find every little hill, so you can motor up and EV down. Have fun, Frank
  5. fbov

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    I see you also have good taste. What color is your Dark Persian? The really odd thing is that the C-Max forum had the most Escape Hybrid activity I could find. Check out fordescape.org for a more-lively group. This forum has been great for info, not so much for activity. HAve fun, Frank
  6. fbov

    1.5L EcoBoast GROANS!

    If anyone notices... I'm watching for Escape ads (only seen 2) and reading whatever I find on the Escape to see the level of awareness. Consumer Reports' podcast review ignored it, clearly focusing on the geared drivetrains. Given their take on the C-Max, that's not necessarily bad. Have fun, Frank
  7. fbov

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    Yes, yes, and I think so. The load floor is deeper and wider, and the tailgate opening height is similar, but internal height might not be. The rear seats don't fold flat, and few cars can match the C-Max for headroom. The C-Max fit a drop-leaf table standing up behind the front seat backs. The Escape won't. But it seems like there's a lot more than 40% greater volume because it's a lot deeper, especially if you slide the seats forward. Groceries fit tight in the C-Max; they wander in the Escape - I need a divider. I haven't shopped for accessories yet. HAve fun, Frank
  8. fbov

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    I've driven a 2013 C-Max since it's introduction, and would have bought the last of the 2018's if I'd found the one I wanted. 18 months later, Ford's again making non-sedan hybrids, and this one's mine. I'm over 100 miles now, and I've done nothing to the car. Tire pressures (max 41 psi BTW) are at 33 psi. Fuel is whatever the dealer put in, 87E10 I suspect. It's a very nice car. Ride is quiet and smoother than the C-Max at 50 psi on the tires. No idea if it's as nimble; too much snow. Ride height doesn't seem much higher until you realize you can see over the C-Max next to you. The car is 4.5" taller and you sit higher in it so it feels like twice that. The sloping hood gives the same kind of forward view, so it's really not noticeable at the wheel. I like the inside rearview mirror better (darker) and don't miss the wide-angle mirrors on the wings as much as expected. BLISS isn't intrusive, although I do get an odd steering feel sometimes, I really miss the road feedback of a direct steering linkage, but the computer can't save the unskilled driver without being in control. I'm waiting for Big Brother to take over, like the C-Max did when it had a faulty RSC module. I believe all hybrids get the fancy display, speed to the left, power to the right with a user-selectable screen in between. The power screen shows ICE and EV kW being provided, based on throttle position, switching to a single regen power display on braking. There's also a perimeter display around the numbers, 0-180 kW of power, with regen displayed as negative values. There is no "My View" option. The center screen shows the kind of data C-Max shows in the left display, like trip odos, along with an EV Coach that's similar to the C-Max Empower screen power display. A single horizontal bar shows Regen power to the left and ICE power, EV power, and EV Available to the right. Yes, the blue outline showing EV Available in the Empower screen has been retained, and it behaves similarly. I can EV up to a maximum of 19 kW at speed before the ICE kicks in. The only sign of HVB charge status is a shrinking blue outline in EV. When the ICE runs, EV Available shrinks to sort of say "I'm here" without saying how much is there. I'm learning to use the throttle to switch to EV, but it's not as easy as the C-Max. At the same time, "chasing blue" from a stop works much better; I'm routinely getting to 20 MPH before ICE kicks in. That said, the first time I went out to see what I had, I hit 50.4 MPG in 32F weather over snow-covered roads. Auspicious, but I drove slow and had a tail wind. This was my old work commute, albeit at 3:00 AM Sunday morning, so I also took a return trip that was faster, and into the wind. I had no traffic and a very well known route where ICE burn points and durations were well defined over many years. Average trip time was 35 minutes for 15.3 miles, same as C-Max, at 48.4 MPG for the round trip. Average in the C-Max at 32F was 45.4 MPG, but those were 100% cold starts, which this was not. Still, auspicious at least. The one big dissatisfier is the block heater... Ford didn't route the cable, just left it behind the engine. Dealer set it up under the hood and using about half the clamps, clips and tie-downs placed along the harness, and a ton of slack. I doubt Ford issued a generic power cord. If anyone has access to the Ford routing documentation, I'd be very grateful. It's length easily reaches the lowest grill opening where there's lots of space and easy access. Under the hood is a non-starter. Any questions? Frank PS This was originally posted on the C-Max forum, where the questions so far all revolve around the size of the spare tire well. The C-Max had no spare.
  9. fbov

    1.5L EcoBoast GROANS!

    +1 For a growl instead of a groan, try the hybrid... it's got a surprisingly aggressive exhaust note when pressed. I'm just thankful CU didn't buy one, and didn't test one because I doubt they're learned how to drive one. Frank
  10. fbov

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    It's a matter of taste... your avatar tells us you're more likely to prefer Toyota's offering in this segment.
  11. fbov

    2020 Escape questions

    My AC runs when the ICE is off, in the C-max. I expect the same here.
  12. fbov

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    Actually, what I saw for EV Coach is almost exactly what's described on page 117-118 of "2020-Ford-Escape-Gas-HEV-PHEV-Owners-Manual-version_1_om_EN-US_07_2019.pdf" My bad, Frank
  13. fbov

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    Paul, They did. There's an EV Coach option in the dash center display that's similar to the C-Max Empower screen left side. It's a horizontal bar with a "0-point" at the 1/3 point. EV Available is shown in blue outline to the right of 0. There's a solid bar for actual throttle/braking setting that turns white when the blue outline is exceeded to the right (sound familiar?) but it also shows regen braking to the left of the 0-point. It compliments the dash's digital kW display, adding EV Available and analog power/regen level display. I accessed it using the right wheel controls. Look in all the niches the software allows. We're hackers until the manual's out (and accurate). NOT REALLY! Anyone find a high-voltage battery gauge? State of Charge is very useful information!! Frank, who knows Paul from the C-Max forum, and hopes he wasn't spoiled.
  14. Has anyone driven one that does not have the noise?
  15. I test drove a hybrid. It actually had a lot of noises, especially turning right or going slow, but this sound went with gear selection.