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  1. No one's mentioned tires. You think perhaps MT tested cars with different rubber than C&D? The review pictures show both got one with Bridgestone Ecopias, but C&D also had Continental CrossContact TX while MT's other car had Michelin Primacy. From what I've read, MT's skipad numbers would be really good for Ecopias. Add less traction to MT's history of "testing slow" and the numbers could all be real results from well-intentioned test technicians Have fun, Frank
  2. fbov

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    I wonder if it's the hybrid drive train that flat tows? C-Max does, with a daily start, and it's the same layout. Frank
  3. fbov

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    Any engine with a torque peak at 1,600 RPM will feel like a much larger displacement. If Ford has retained smoothness and throttle response, no one will notice the number of cylinders. Frank