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  1. Rick1723

    2020 Escape questions

    yes... got the answer from ford... they did eliminate the chance to change colors..so we can have any color we want...as long as it is Ice Blue.. after having a Lincoln... gotta say to my new ride...it ain't a Lincoln... still pretty fun to drive and play with...
  2. Rick1723

    How do you like the 2019 MKZ Hybrid?

    One other thing that is changing.. I owned a 2010 fusion hybrid and a 16 MKZ hybrid.. loved 'em both.. but being in MN sometimes the snow piles.. Anyway when Ford came out with the 20 Escape both with a hybrid and All wheel drive I bit... no more leaves growing.. and no little green car with the arrows.. just a green "ready" message.. the new center screens are pretty cool.. what really is an eye opener.. only because of owning my Lincoln is how the "critics" say ahh a MKZ is a glorified ford, buy a ford and save the money... NO.. there are touches I miss that Ford does not have... I guess it was time to move on.. just my observations and yes seems they decontent as the years go on... Rick.
  3. Rick1723

    2020 Escape questions

    the owners manual does say about color choice but does not at all show or tell you any place to look for it... maybe I will call ford direct.. at their relationship center..
  4. Rick1723

    2020 Escape questions

    I have the 2020 Escape Hybrid Titanium.. and have searched, even though it says it is in the center stack screen , where do you change the colors for the ambient lighting .. I see the icon and in it shows how to intensify the light but nothing about color change.. anyone else have an idea? Rick.
  5. whoops just saw GEnx320 remarks..guess mine were repeats.. that is the reason...
  6. I too got my 2020 hybrid on Tuesday... and have the noise.. BUT there was a ford made video about a noise that the hybrid would make because of no motor sound when it comes to a place where pedestrians may be.. I would assume the same for backing up.. it does of course help the low vision people to let them know there is a vehicle.. I have had 3 ford hybrids and guess it is a safety issue..makes sense.. now that I have driven it and have used the heads up display and adaptive cruise.. definitely a keeper.. and a nice ride... Rick ..
  7. Rick1723


    My Sedona oranger Titanium Hybrid arrived!!! and noticed that the incentive increased $1000... to 1500... maybe a good sign has arrived!
  8. Rick1723

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    Sounds like a winner.. found out my Sedona orange Titanium Hybrid got "born" and released the last couple of days... eta of about 16 days to MN..so about the 23rd... a Christmas present... hopefully I can accept it.. long story.. but fingers crossed..
  9. Rick1723

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    saw the news today... my new baby is being created.. not on Dec 4 like the last news, but it started yesterday... so who knows .. maybe by new years it will be delivered... a six month hatch... but again by my specs!!
  10. Rick1723

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    I don't understand... I ordered mine 6/28.. hybrid Titanium.. Sedona orange.. loaded but not unsual... first it got delayed til the week of Sept 30.. then to day of Oct 22, then to week of Nov 4...then Nov 6... then Nov 21.. then week of Dec 2.. then to day of Dec 5..now to week of Dec 9 and day of Dec 14... they have been released and plenty are built.. I don't understand... maybe they know I work for a dealer and wanna make me wait.. which I am and getting to be a bummer... anyone have any ideas why? maybe dealer size so retail orders get bumped? ho hum.... Rick.
  11. yes... let's hope so... I gotta wait til 12/2 before mine gets "born"... ordered 6/28... so hopefully ..
  12. Rick1723

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    At least yours got built!! Mine has been pushed back by about 4 times.. now scheduled for Dec 2? wondering if they are waiting until after the 17th for the intro to the new electric.. They don't have mileage est from the EPA.. so that is also a delay?
  13. Is there any word on the hybrid Escape being very, very slow in coming out ?... My order has gone from middle of Sept to now week of Dec 11.. Is Ford having issues with the hybrid system?
  14. Rick1723

    Annoying reviewers!

    That is true.. if the badge was changed to say some company with a T or H on it.. the best ever.. but if Ford, or Lincoln..no good.. I have a 16 MKZ hybrid.. heard the critics say warmed over ford..NOT… liked the looks better and a few options not even available on a ford.. but.. they drive a vehicle for maybe a day or 2.. and are expert on it.. sad..very sad.. but just like movie critics.. personal opinions...that is it..
  15. The hybrids are comin out slow.. and the same with the mileage estimates.. I noticed now my birth date went from 10/22 to 11/18.. (I can watch the progress..work at a dealer..) I now have my second hybrid (09 fusion) and now a 16 MKZ hybrid.. Neve, ever had problems, but wanted 4wd with a hybrid.. not because of being green, I like to save some on gas and the tech..