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  1. SzymekSmack

    2021 Lincoln Corsair

    2021 Lincoln Corsair Order# B167 5LMTJ5DZ3MUL23028
  2. SzymekSmack

    2021 Lincoln Corsair

    Bump ...to see if it was actually built.
  3. If you could provide some info on the status of my order it would be greatly appreciated. 2021 Lincoln Corsair Order# B167 5LMTJ5DZ3MUL23028
  4. SzymekSmack

    2022 Explorer ST Line

    Good point.
  5. SzymekSmack

    Autoextremist om Ford

    Hopefully there will be more PHEV options for people who take long trips.
  6. Interesting read.
  7. SzymekSmack

    Nissan 400z leaked

    Looks sweet!
  8. SzymekSmack

    2022 Explorer ST Line

    Looks nice but.once you drive a real ST you know you're missing out.
  9. SzymekSmack

    '22 Navigator Revealed

    Imagine the size of the battery and weight in an EV Navigator.
  10. SzymekSmack

    Who waxes their cars?

    I use Chemical Guys ceramic wax and it does a pretty good job but doesn't seem to last any longer than Meguiar's.
  11. SzymekSmack

    New member, lifelong Ford fan

    Hey guys, I've been a Ford fan ever since owning a used Mustang 5.0L in my high-school days. I've also had a Lincoln Mark VIII which was a sweet ride. I'm now waiting on a Lincoln Corsair order.
  12. Probably a different midsized SUV will replace it. Most likely electric or PHEV.
  13. SzymekSmack

    Our new Mustang

    Nice ride, mustangs look great in red.
  14. This thread makes me nervous about my order, but then again, usually people who have issues with their car are the ones posting here. Fingers crossed that the build quality and reliability is improving.
  15. SzymekSmack

    2022 Lincoln Aviator Production Information

    I ordered mine in June, dealer says the production date is in August. The Lincoln tracking site shows the same thing for me as you said.