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  1. AceT123

    Cmax Oil Change

    Looks like most folks are having the dealer change their oil. Anyone a DIYer? Is the oil filter/drain easy to access where you could do it yourself easily?
  2. AceT123

    Any Guess on C-Max Replacement Timetable?

    I think the CMax is going to be replaced by the 2020 Escape PHEV/Hybrid. I saw the gas version at the local auto show recently and it looks really nice... well, the interior does. The outside looks like an overgrown Focus, but I think that's just how Ford is going to save money on reusing underpinnings/platforms throughout the world.
  3. AceT123

    2017 C-MAX Production Info

    Anyone have the numbers for how many CMaxes were sold in MY 2017? I'm interested in buying a 2017 as they become available off lease.
  4. AceT123

    C Max issues

    I keep coming back to look at the CMax. I think it might suffer a bit from an image problem, but from what I read, they are reliable for the most part and owners seem to love them. When I went to the local auto show and sat in literally 100 vehicles, the CMax was the one I kept coming back to. And off lease, they seem reasonably priced, at about 50% of sticker at 2 years old and 20k miles. What's everyone's experience here?
  5. AceT123

    Extended Warranty Advice?

    I'm considering buying a 2017 CMax Energi and wondering if anyone has any newer advice on purchasing an extended warranty or not. The one I'm looking at still has about 12 months of factory warranty left, but if I buy the car, I think I'd want ESP with the electronics, etc. on the vehicle. I haven't needed one for my Wrangler (heck I can fix most of it with a leatherman it seems), but a warranty has come in handy for my wife's BMW. So, CMax owners, let's hear from you!