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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    2024 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My 2022 F350 Platinum took 433 days. I ordered 2023 and it never got built. Ordered 7/17/23 my 2024 Platinum lets see how long if ever it take to build if ever.
  2. https://shop.ford.com/configure/bronco/2023/model/customize/base
  3. yorid

    Order Process

    My 350 Platinum took 403 days, hang in there
  4. Here is how to remove the cap
  5. Picked up my truck last Friday, got the points on Tuesday
  6. yorid

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Hang in there, picking up my F350 Platinum tomorrow 403 days
  7. Has anyone had any success using CSX Railcar Tracking, I'm using the information below. It keeps telling me the railcar was delivered to Buffalo NY March 17 Your number will be 4 letters and 6 numbers. Mine went via CSX so their number is 1-800-235-2352 Press 1 Key in the 4 letters for the car initial. For instance TTGX would be 81 81 41 92 (First number is the where the letter falls into the keypad, second number is the place within) You will be prompted for the rail car number, key in the 6 digit number. Say "done" at the prompt or , , Listen for the update
  8. I seen mine was Norfolk Southern, found these instruction and it work NS Norfolk Southern 1. Call 800-635-5768 2. Press 2. 3. Press 2. 4. Enter the letters on the numeric keypad then press #. As in: TTGX will be 8849 5. Enter the numbers then press #. It wasn't taking my voice prompts but typing worked. "
  9. 6/30/22, so it could still be sitting at the yard. 2 month ago my friend's railcar number showed his vehicle being out west, he got it a week later we live in S. Fl
  10. That what I got too delivered to Buffalo NY in March. I agree, but at least 4 different chat agents gave me the same number. I'm going in to the dealer tomorrow. Thanks
  11. I got the railcar numbers right from Ford chat, still no luck
  12. yorid

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It take a day or 2 before the tracker is correct
  13. yorid

    Super Duty Accessories

    I always have the dealer take them off during the clean up
  14. I know I'm on a Multi-Contour Seat hold, I went on Ford Chat and this is what they told me about my order "I do see there is a delay. As of this time the estimated delivery date is showing as October 20, 2022!". Looks like a 5 month hold that's unacceptable. Ordered 6/7/21 F350 Platinum this seem like something where the vehicle could be shipped and installed late by the dealer.
  15. Well I'm finally built and shipped. Just hope shipping goes smoother than the rest of the built. Ordered 385 days so far.
  16. I posted on FB and someone with a 5/26 got his email this morning too. The inside ford guy said Only 57 more mcs trucks to finish
  17. Hooray.....Got the email my trucks is built with a delivery between July 23, 2022 and July 29, 2022. Prod 5/14/22 ordered 6/7/21. Hopefully you'll get yours soon.
  18. I read that it great. I checked today still on hold. Waiting patiently Prod. 5/14
  19. Checked with the online chat and they said awaiting a microchip with a 10/20 ETA
  20. This would be at the bottom of your window sticker if your MCS was deleted
  21. yorid

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Were you able to keep the Multi Contour seats?
  22. Has anyone with a May build that was put on MCS hold get a built email yet?
  23. The inside KTP Ford guy said they have received and have started to install some MCS modules, and are slowly getting more in. Finally some good news.
  24. True no body has said / posted or even any speculated on what Ford is going to do with the trucks already built waiting for the module to be installed there or at the dealer. Does Ford have a plan on how this is going tp be handled.