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  1. Sir Tonk

    Mustang EcoBoost be renamed to Mustang ST

    Time to bring back the SVO name.
  2. Great vid, always fun to see these in good condition. Almost all of them have disintegrated by now.
  3. Sir Tonk

    Doug DeMuro Aviator review

    It's one of his quirks. There's a few car design tropes that bug him and he'll complain every time he gets a car with them. Personally, I like it, but hell as long as it's something that can be turned off then it's not a big deal either way.
  4. Thanks for posting this, I'm considering a MKZ with that same roof and it's interesting to read about potential issues. Glad it has mostly worked out for you, that repair timeframe is wild.
  5. These are why Ford should have kept it around. Getting people into dealerships for maintenance is a huge boon and the idea that your old touchscreen still talks to your phone is a cool feature that could be a selling point for CPO cars. It's not like there was some employee doing these tasks, these had to be automated and only took up server space. Problems like this are why people are apprehensive about buying used cars with big touchscreens that control everything. What do you do when the manufacturer stops supporting it and something happens?