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  1. CoolDude919

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    FWIW saw both today. The atlas blue metallic really does look great in person! The ABM had the rear air deflector and the MM did NOT have it, so the unit with the latest/later build date that just arrived there in the past 2 weeks was missing it, yet the slightly older build date unit had it. There seems to not necessarily be much reasoning to this. They both were ST's with street/pano/tech and exactly the same MSRP.
  2. CoolDude919

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Im heading to a local dealer tomorrow or Saturday. They have 2 identical ST's with street pack, one ABM in color and one MM in color, my top 2 choices. One has a build of 11/5 (arrived 12/2) and one has a build of 12/20 and arrived 1/10. I will check both for the rear piece. Any thoughts on overall quality/issues/etc being better on either of these due to the later builds, and obviously lack of visit to flat rock? Im really interested in these, but concerned about all of the different issues i read on the different forums (this missing piece, suspension noise, wind noise on passenger side, gas sloshing noise, etc). Obviously not everyone has these issues, and certainly we are bound to hear about them more since people come to these forums to talk, but still concerned about moving forward.
  3. CoolDude919

    Cold Start Engine Noise

    Did you see any of the videos over on the f150 forum? You sure it sounds different than that? My 18 expedition has the cold start rattle, but it sounds exactly like the videos on this thread. https://www.f150forum.com/f118/17-3-5-ecoboost-rattle-401441/
  4. CoolDude919

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    Even reading some of the articles, it sounds like QA is drastically better out of Chicago for the explorer, but still not where it should be. I am sure they hoped for better explorer numbers. Does anyone recall this being a thing for the expedition out in Kentucky for its 18 refresh, or just things went extra bad in Chicago?
  5. My 18 expedition cold start rattle, 39k miles. Spoke to a few dealers, both said wait until a full TSB is out instead of the current SSM. I have an ford ESP anyway, so i guess im OK with waiting for now. Huge thread on f150forum about it.
  6. Yes i have seen this talked about on other forums. There will be bolt holes, i thought it was mentioned one went through the body, though you could fill it with a rubber stopper. Take it out and get the weathertech piece for a unit with bucket seats, and it will cover everything up.
  7. CoolDude919

    2020 Expedition?'s

    360 camera is great, though i do wish it came on a lower trim than the limited. Any reason for 2020 over a 19 or used 18? No real differences between those years. Deals are going around now for 19's, ive seen 14-16k off MSRP. This last July i picked up by used 18 with 32k miles for 46k, limited with 302a and RES, original MSRP was around 76k.