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  1. July 2019 sales annualized is ~95k. Not too far from 100k.
  2. mpcmotorsports

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    The first gen Escapes were flat-towable. 2013-up are not.
  3. Had a customer this evening that said he heard that the 2020 Escape will be flat-towable? Any knowledge of this?
  4. mpcmotorsports

    Sirius/XM Radio in (ALL) Trim Levels of Vehicles

    I just figured this out earlier in the week. Ford radios are Sirius-only. Some brands are XM only. Some are SiriusXM. The only way to get Channel 350 and several other 300-level channels is with a SiriusXM receiver.
  5. mpcmotorsports

    2020 F-150 Order Guide

    Thank you sir! Hadn't read that far in the Order Guide.
  6. mpcmotorsports

    2020 F-150 Order Guide

    Any word on what the Lariat Bed Utility Package 68L is?
  7. mpcmotorsports

    New Escape

    Is this the SE Sport? Any photos of the interior?
  8. mpcmotorsports

    New Escape

    You are 100% correct! The Kuga looks much better. Hoping Ford gets smart and gives the domestic market an ST version. Not likely since Ford markets the Escape to women.
  9. I have read that the Ranger is due for a complete refresh for MY2022.
  10. In Oklahoma, you can get $750 rebate plus 0% for 60 months with 90 days until first payment! Good until 9/3/2019!
  11. mpcmotorsports

    RAM June Sales

    Just saw this financial fact on Automotive News: The Detroit 3 were not shy with cash incentives on big pickup trucks in June. Brad Korner, general manager of rebates and incentives for Cox Automotive, said Ram led the way with an average guaranteed cash incentive of $4,198 last month; followed by Chevrolet, $3,377 on the Silverado, and Ford, with $2,412 on the F series.
  12. mpcmotorsports

    RAM June Sales

    Just depends what side of the street you work on. If you sell Ford, it is "whoring out". For Ram it is good business. I sell Fords so you know which side of the street I work on.
  13. mpcmotorsports

    RAM June Sales

    What these numbers do not show is the breakdown between the "Classic" vs "New" Ram trucks. We all know that Ram is "whoring out" the Ram Classic to gain market share.
  14. mpcmotorsports

    New Ford Puma

    Ford is making a mistake by not offering the new Puma for sale in NA. It would be a great replacement for the EcoSport and offer the Blue Oval a competitive vehicle in this hot segment. Make an ST version available Day 1.
  15. I still consider myself new in the business, almost a year selling Ford. Had someone message me on Facebook asking if I could get him an Explorer Police Interceptor. Customer is a civilian. The store I work at doesn't do much fleet business and my manager wasn't sure. Thanks in advance for any pearls of knowledge.