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  1. Escape has always been a volume seller at my dealership. We currently have two. An S and a Titanium Elite.
  2. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Thats's about all Ford has been building for awhile. So many features and options on Lariat and up on commodity hold.
  3. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Virtually impossible to dealer trade anything in our market. When we can, we try to get an F-150.
  4. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    High end F-150's are impossible to find! My dealership has a total of FIVE F-150's on the lot. One 502A Lariat Powerboost 2WD and four XLT's.
  5. mpcmotorsports

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Any word on if the 2022 Super Duty will receive the 2021 F-150 changes and upgrades?
  6. mpcmotorsports

    2021 F-150 work surface console

    If you get a 2021 F-150 with the center console and console shifter, does the shifter still fold flat if you don't have the work surface console?
  7. mpcmotorsports

    SHR #14

    Most likely Chase Briscoe.
  8. In two plus years of selling new Fords, I can honestly say that I’ve probably sold a total of 5 Fusions to customers that actually asked for them. I own a 17 Fusion SE 2.0 Ecoboost and love it. I’ve never been a truck guy but find myself gravitating to them because that’s what sells. I’m super excited for the Bronco Sport and Uber excited about the Maverick! The Bronco Sport will appeal to a wide range of customers and bring back customers that owned the Gen 1 Escape but were turned off by the styling of the Gen 2. As someone that has always loved smaller cars, I can’t wait to see more of the Maverick. A Maverick with the 2.0 EB could bring “fun to drive” to truck market and possibly attract non-Ford buyers.
  9. Leather has not been factory available on an XLT since I think 2014. The dealership I work at adds Katzkins to many STX and XLT F-150's. The 2021 addition of LED headlights, push button start, dual zone climate control and B&O sound system option makes the 2021 XLT 302A with aftermarket leather a great value proposition compared to the Lariat.
  10. Just spent two weeks behind the wheel of a 2020 Nissan Kicks while my 17 Fusion was in the body shop. Talk about a shit box! Gutless, cheap with the disaster of a CVT transmission. Made the Ecosport look and feel modern! Over aggressive safety tech, dark backup camera view, and their NissanConnect system was abysmal. Made Toyota's Entune look good. Neither compare to Sync3. I agree with the other posters that Nissan might be too far gone to recover. Once they were right up there with Honda and Toyota. Not sure where I would rank them but way down the line.
  11. Also heard that if you reserved a First Edition you are stuck with that dealership. I have a customer with a FE reservation that wants to move it to my dealership. I would love to accommodate him.
  12. Except for the First Edition per our Ford rep. Have also heard that the only way to change dealerships is to cancel and re-reserve.
  13. Thank you for your open and honest real world review. The 2020 Escape is selling well at our dealership in Oklahoma. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Escape Hybrid. I'm hoping for a Sport Appearance Package on the SE and SEL like Ford offered on the 18-19 models. Those too were good sellers. Super excited for the upcoming Bronco Sport to bring back the customers that prefer their CUV to look more like a traditional SUV in the way the Gen1 Escape did.
  14. mpcmotorsports

    2020 Mustang Eco Boost Hi Performance

    Yes they are hitting the lots. My dealership has one and I sold one two weeks ago. I’m infatuated with it.