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  1. Thank you for your open and honest real world review. The 2020 Escape is selling well at our dealership in Oklahoma. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Escape Hybrid. I'm hoping for a Sport Appearance Package on the SE and SEL like Ford offered on the 18-19 models. Those too were good sellers. Super excited for the upcoming Bronco Sport to bring back the customers that prefer their CUV to look more like a traditional SUV in the way the Gen1 Escape did.
  2. mpcmotorsports

    2020 Mustang Eco Boost Hi Performance

    Yes they are hitting the lots. My dealership has one and I sold one two weeks ago. I’m infatuated with it.
  3. mpcmotorsports

    Expand CUV power plant options

    Because the Nautilus gets the 2.7L EB.
  4. I've been selling Fords since 2018. I always preferred the EB engines in the Explorer and Edge when they offered the NA 3.5. Some consumers just don't get the benefits of turbocharging. All they here is "4 cylinder" and they shut down.
  5. mpcmotorsports

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    My daughter has an early build ST and has no reported issues after nearly 6,000 miles. Took delivery first week of September.
  6. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Cuts EcoSport Price

    Ford needs to replace with with the Euro market Puma stat!
  7. mpcmotorsports

    Black Box thingy on cab of 2020 Super Duty

    For what?
  8. Can someone here tell me what these black box things are on the roof of the 2020 Ford Super Duty?
  9. mpcmotorsports

    Hackett's remedy for sticker shock

    The new Explorer is selling very well at my dealership, with the ST being the most popular model by far.
  10. I have a customer that wants an Expedition XLT with second row buckets. Not available until 2020. Anyone remove the center seat from the second row? Is it possible? What issues would result?
  11. mpcmotorsports

    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    Nice! I just sold my daughter the same except in Star White Metallic. She loves it. Inherited the performance vehicle bug from her dad.
  12. mpcmotorsports

    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    I spoke to our Ford rep last winter about the Escape. I asked him if there was any chance that we could see an Escape ST in the US market with the demise of the Fiesta and Focus ST. Not a chance since women are the target demographic for the Escape.
  13. July 2019 sales annualized is ~95k. Not too far from 100k.
  14. mpcmotorsports

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    The first gen Escapes were flat-towable. 2013-up are not.