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  1. stromberg2

    Lincoln Dreams

    Very cool! Love the Lido, very distinctive front end! Stromberg2
  2. stromberg2

    Concept: Lincoln Sedan

    Very nice and very sleek! Stromberg2
  3. stromberg2

    New Mustang

    ^^^ WOW...that is really pretty! A very interesting design! Stromberg2
  4. Ford Evos, everybody! Same fastback design. Stromberg2
  5. Dave has a great collection of cars, he just doesn't talk about it like Jay. Stromberg2
  6. WOW.....Thanks! That is just stunning! Stromberg2
  7. I'd like to see it with an MKR Concept grille.
  8. stromberg2

    Fg Falcon Coupe by Ford Oz studio

    I love the looks of the Zodiac! Stromberg2
  9. stromberg2

    LINCOLN K V-12

    I like them both, but I like the second one alot more!! Great job!! Stromberg2
  10. stromberg2

    Lincoln Continental

    Yeah, I like your work, too. Keep on chopping!! Stromberg2
  11. stromberg2

    Fg Falcon Coupe by Ford Oz studio

    Very nice, would love to see the front! Stromberg2
  12. stromberg2

    Ford Start Concept, sexy econobox?

    That is very sweet!!
  13. stromberg2

    2005 Hybrid and E85

    Anyone here know if the 2005 Escape hybrid is E85 compatible? Thanks, Stromberg2