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  1. mrgreenjeans

    Shudder at low speeds

    Just curious on what the resolution was of this concern ?
  2. mrgreenjeans

    New Ford tailgate patent

    Wonder how stable the two remaining gates are when open ? If one bumped them when removing the item on the bed floor in the center, would there then be alignment and fit issues upon closing center gate ? With my regular tailgates I often back against a steep bank ditch to load/unload a motorcycle, atv, or riding lawnmower. How strong is this new design regarding integrity to resist the center bending downward ? I would like to see the stability of all three segments and how they resist damage....
  3. mrgreenjeans

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I went on a 1200 mile run thru the central midwest on a 'retrieval mission' of Ford parts and products, and was surprised that each Ford dealer in every little town between Canada and Lincoln had a half dozen or so new Pickups on their lots...... the further one got south, the more there were. One dealer north of Lincoln a ways had over 50. I didn't venture into the lot ( I was pulling an 18 foot trailer with my Super Duty ) but it was an oasis of new trucks, a few Broncos, and several Mustangs. Used inventory appeared strong. Is there some rhyme or reason for this ? Are the smaller rural areas less affected than metro areas for new car delivery ?
  4. mrgreenjeans


    '59 - F350 Fuel truck, 4 speed manual from SE North Dakota
  5. mrgreenjeans


    17,000 miles from new. 3208 Cat engined C7000, 5 speed with Hi-Lo splitter. A 1975 Tandem twin screw from the central midwest
  6. mrgreenjeans


    Storage facility for new Mavericks in the Kansas City underground caves
  7. mrgreenjeans


    Once owned by the seamstress for Cher, Mildred Anderson. A LasVegas car which was special ordered with air, 302/V8, auto and came in as one of the last built. A '77 Spring Special with all options, except it's a 'Radio Delete' build. Bought from the original owner with 13,000 miles from new, and have owned it since '87. Has 19,000 miles now
  8. mrgreenjeans


  9. mrgreenjeans

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I should also mention if they are previously Govt. owned trucks, they always arrive with new rubber mounted, fresh oil and new filters, sometimes new wiper blades, and new windshields if cracked. Trans fluid is always new and clean and coolant is usually new also. Very little has been overlooked before sending out the door. Worst one usually encounters is a marginally clean floor mat or seat surface. 95% of what I buy are Ford because I truly believe they are quality built products. If the new trucks weren't 8-10 times the money I spend on lower mileage used units, I would gladly drive all new Fords..... and stand in line putting in my new orders. And waiting.
  10. mrgreenjeans

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Yes Sir I could, and in several cases did. The two F250s from North central California I trusted my instincts on as well as the 6.2 liter gas F250 which came from the rural Seattle area. It had been used by a Federal contractor towing a gooseneck from So. Cal. to SeaTac with Boeing Aerospace goods. 5,000 mile oil changes with Synthetic Mobil 1mean that even at 100,000 miles currently, this brilliant motor producing phenomenal power with excellent fuel mileage (14-16 at 70 mph) simply uses no oil and has never given a moments concern. Ah yes..... THOSE Explorers. Nationwide there had to have been quite a few needing replacement )-; Here are a few more Govt. units I bid on and won; not a bad one in the bunch mechanically. The silver truck is an ex-Police unit from Central California with very low mileage. Glove box was full of mug shots. A 16 valve 5.4, zero rust, perfect bed and tailgate, in fact looked unused in back. Seller's description said it was a traffic control/surveillance unit. The old crew cab with Glasstite shell I could not pass up even if it was a MN truck. Also a 16 valve 5.4 with perfect interior and Captain Chair seating, an ex- Govt. Electrical Contractor truck. Super low mileage and bought for $1800.00; the ride is one of the best I have experienced in a Super Duty. I am confident it sold for 25- 30,000 new. And the other low mileage F350 Stake is an ex-State Fire Control unit from central California with V-10 and auto. It had under 60,000 miles. I don't buy if they are much older than this or come with higher miles, but with proper care a so equipped unit will run 300,000 miles plus. One unit I put 534,000 on and the new owner I practically gave it to, ran it for many years/miles more before trading. These are the oldest in the grouping. Newest are all 6.2 liter flex fuel gassers with Ford's trouble free 'Boss engine'
  11. mrgreenjeans

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    paintguy: I usually never buy any vehicles from MN, BUT this was used by the state for towing rebar to jobsites in the 6 days of summer they have. Consequently it had zero rust, had low miles, and minor bumps and dents easily taken care of. I bought a blue one just like it in the same condition used by the city of Mpls. On the door are ghost images stating Parks Dept. so that one had clean frame members, no rust in the panels, and had only traveled 50,000 miles. The interior was like new in both with only minor wear. Yeah, I hear you on the fire damage issues. Two things I stay away from are diesels (I dislike the International engines passionately) and any of the fire related vehicles that have proven troublesome for Ford. I even park away from them when in close proximity; likewise Teslas and Fiskers. My friend had his car burned to a crisp by an electric vehicle parked next to him when it went off. When it comes to my vintage stuff, like the '74 in orange and white I took on our honeymoon (with my dirt bike in back), no salt or winters are allowed to be a part of it's life.