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    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    1994 Ford Crown Vic 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 1997 F350 2000 Harley F-150 2003 SVT Cobra Coupe 10th anniversary in silver. 2003 SVT Cobra Vert 10th anniversary in red 2005 F350 diesel 2007 Mustang California Special 2016 Ford F-250
  2. Hope everyone is well and staying safe. Since new the truck has an odd chatter (metal to metal squeak) in park or drive at idle and operating temp. The sound is coming from underneath around the engine and trans. A month ago I goosed it a liitle into traffic. Rev'd to 3k RPM, the tranny caught and lurched hard. As if I rev'd it in neutral then dropped it in drive. This only happened once since new. Since then, the trans is somewhat spongy upon acceleration. Not bad though. Its drivable and no codes The stealership (Ford) has always blown me off about the noise and say "they can't duplicate the problem". God I hate that... So finally one day I dropped by and had a mechanic come out and look at it. He FINALLY heard it. I mention the trans issue too. Just got a call today. Needs a "Front Pump", fuild, filter and a new torque converter. I asked for more clarification on the pump he didn't really know. THE KICKER!!! He told me not to drive it at all and leave it with them till Friday. I asked why and he said no fluid being pumped and the chatter noise is part of it! I said the chatter has been like that since new and how much damage in 3 years no fluid pumping!!! I suggested a new trans. He said no... Does the diagnosis match the symptoms? Since its been like this since new, should I push for a new trans? Specs: 2016 F-250 6.2L 4WD Ext cab 34k miles Bought new 3.5 years ago. 100% stock Mostly driven on highway as daily commuter truck with no pay load or trailer. Still under powertrain warranty. THOUGHTS? Many thanks

    Need advice on buying used Car

    All great advice

    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    Looks awesome. Love the rack system.