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  1. Superduty Cajun

    2020 F-series 250SD

  2. Superduty Cajun

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Can I ask a question about this purely to cure my curiosity? If a vehicle is scheduled for 9/21/2020, but was previously scheduled for 9/7/2020-9/14/2020, and previously scheduled for 8/31/2020. Does that mean that the plant is only building that particular vehicle in that week because it is building other vehicles in that same plant other weeks? Also did the build week date go from 8/31 to 9/14 because they delayed the build week because of more orders for that particular vehicle came in and they needed more time to build them. This is all fairly confusing to me and the curiosity of the procedure in which this is all done is killing me. Nothing urgent just enquiring mind that wants to know.
  3. Superduty Cajun

    Buying extended warranty - Opinions

    This was really helpful!
  4. Superduty Cajun

    2020 F-series 250SD

    Thank you! I didn’t realize until long after I had done it that it was on this thread. I just got pretty excited when I saw that Mustang. Sorry!
  5. Superduty Cajun

    2020 Ford Mustang GT500

    Wow that’s a sweet looking car! I hope you’re enjoying it !
  6. Superduty Cajun

    2020 F-series 250SD

    May I please get what tracking information is available for; 1FT7W2BN4LEE43454 Order ID: 2845
  7. Superduty Cajun

    2020 FORD RAPTOR

    Wow! I had no idea this was available! I think I’d like the Raptor in a shorter version.
  8. Superduty Cajun

    New to me F150

    Sweet ride!
  9. Superduty Cajun

    Floor Liners

    My favorite so far have been Fords heavy duty weather proof floor mats.
  10. Superduty Cajun

    Thank You Dearborn!

    Good for you! I can’t wait for my next one!
  11. Superduty Cajun

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    I seldom ever need 8 feet of storage with the tailgate up. Usually if I put something in the bed that is too long for a short bed it will work fine to either open the gate or hang the item on top of the the gate.
  12. Superduty Cajun

    2016 6.2L Trans problem (STEALERSHIP!)

    This is really good info YT! Thanks!
  13. Superduty Cajun

    Pro Trailer Backup Assist Won't Work For Me

    Boy I guess no one had an answer for you.
  14. Superduty Cajun

    2021 Ford F-150 Looks Like A Huge Winner

    I think the new grill is taking the F150 back to the old ‘90’s look. I always thought that was the worst looking truck Ford ever made.
  15. Superduty Cajun

    7.3 Flowmaster exhaust

    Some of you might find this interesting. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Fort Worth when mine comes in. https://youtu.be/rmfEApPMobU