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  1. Is it an amp, computer, lunch box? It has a black "handle" on top which probably isn't a handle.
  2. MikeHTally

    2022 Escape center console

    Not in the console - it's on a connector in the under-dash fuse panel. My daughter's Escape has it in an obvious place (if you know where to look).
  3. MikeHTally

    2021 Escape Titanium - items deleted

    Guess it's good I bought a '19. I do wish it had paddle shifters like my Mustang. It does run and sound pretty nice.
  4. MikeHTally

    2016-2019 Escape

    So you'd spend money unnecessarily on a hope it'll fail? Not for me, thanks. Do you really believe all those things will happen?
  5. MikeHTally

    2017 Escape Titanium

    I remove mine while they're vacuuming. Probably not necessary, but it can't hurt. One car wash place freaked a bit - "Sir, did you remove the antenna?"
  6. MikeHTally

    My Aviator experience

    My Escape in Magnetic has a similar effect. If it's cloudy, the car's just gray. If it' sunny, the paint sparkles. The neatest effect is bright direct sun. The paint takes on some brown notes. Not normally a fan of dark paint in the Florida summer, but the light interior reduces the oven effect.
  7. MikeHTally

    How long to build an Escape

    If you're talking about final assembly (excluding the motor, transmission, etc.), probably an hour or so.
  8. MikeHTally

    2016-2019 Escape

    Better yet: take the money the contract will cost and put it in a savings account. If you need it, it'll be there. If you don't need it (more likely), it'll STILL be there.
  9. MikeHTally

    2019 Escape Order Guide

    I've down-shifted automatics for fifty years or so, on every slush-box I've owned. Effective, not difficult.
  10. MikeHTally

    2019 Escape Order Guide

    I use the ones in my Mustang regularly. Good for the occasional downshift or controlling shifts in Sport Mode.
  11. My Mazda Speed3 was like that. C&D got a 0-60 of 5.4 ish, as I recall, with a top end of 152. The "official" 0-60 was mid 6s.
  12. MikeHTally

    That Storage Compartment in the Floor...

    My daughter's '14 Escape has this, my '19 Escape Titanium does not. It does seem to be a well-located stash. Better for a weapon than an non-lockable glove box.
  13. MikeHTally

    Mike from N. Florida

    Hello all, Joined up to learn about our cars. I have a 2015 Mustang Eco-Boost (slightly tweaked 😉) and a 2019 Escape Titanium (bought 6/13/20)