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  1. Gbsharon

    F150 King Ranch

    BUMP VIN 1FTFW1ED9MFB45499 Order 1222
  2. Gbsharon

    F150 King Ranch

    BUMP VIN 1FTFW1ED9MFB45499 Order 1222 Thank you for the updates cyberdman
  3. VIN 1FTFW1ED9MFB45499 Order 1222 Ordered 2/15, VIN received 3/12, have no had any further updates. Any more info appreciated!
  4. He was charged with something that is independent of where the actions were performed or who’s property they were performed on.
  5. Gbsharon

    Tow Package Option That Lowers Super Duty Truck

    Air suspension may address this. Not sure if that is in the works.
  6. I like 18s, the additional sidewall provides much more cushion. Unfortunately I could not get the ‘21 in the config I wanted without getting the 20s
  7. Any updates on this? Trying to figure out my timeline
  8. Gbsharon

    Hidden winch project

    I have had great luck with Warn and Superwinch
  9. Gbsharon

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    Just ordered my first!
  10. Gbsharon

    Kentucky truck plant

    Can’t say I am surprised, it is a week shutdown *at this point*
  11. Gbsharon

    Buyback Offer

    I’ve been following your journey, thanks for the update. Have they shared any customers with similar issues to yours?
  12. Nice find. I know I definitley wouldn’t be putting videos of myself on YouTube without confirming I was 100% legally compliant.
  13. Gbsharon

    Nissan 400z leaked

    This thing looks great. Finally a revolution in the Z car space. The jump from 350 to 370 didn’t exactly thrill anybody.
  14. Gbsharon

    Michelin Pilot Sport Equipped Mustangs

    These tires are also prone to cracking below 30F
  15. Gbsharon

    Ford racing

    The Gt350Rs dominated PWC a few years back.