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  1. roger19er

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Expedition & Super Duty scheduling has been CANCELLED for this Thursday, July 1st. ice-capades : i have noticed that you are getting increasingly frustrated with people asking the same questions time and time again. Please recognize that people come and go on this forum and most people do not go back and read all the historical posts, but rather just start a new thread. The repeated questioning is not unique to this forum and is just common human nature, you can see this all over social media from FB to instagram. Recognize that you are a volunteer and you are volunteering your answers, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER EVERY POST, this is not the ice-capade forum, but a forum for all. Instead of responding with frustration how about you NOT ANSWER and let someone else answer the question, there are thousands of people here that have already read a previous post and they will answer. If you were not a moderator and a moderator read how you answered a question especially when you start with ONCE AGAIN you would be sanctioned. So ice-capades, moderate yourself and remember you do not have to answer every question out there
  2. roger19er

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    No... dealer said he was thinking September but I could tell he was guessing. Ordered a 2021 right after Christmas (work truck) that took 3 months to build before any chip shortage. So my thoughts were job #1 in June + 3 months + chip shortage, I’m thinking around Halloween
  3. roger19er

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    also ordered yesterday in the morning, had the FORD email within 45 minutes of giving the deposit