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  1. ttwn0324

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I called back to the dealer ship about a week latter and reminded them to add my Email to the WBDO. Couple hours passed and Ford Emailed. Haven't seen any influx of spam because of it. I would just keep injecting yourself into his life till he does it. Maybe then he'll see that ford sending you updates is better then you pestering him. I see they have a fuel charge on your order. How common is that? Should have them apply half the cost for the wheel well liners to the gas charge. The platinum comes with the rears.
  2. It's not. 3.55 ratio for 6.7l and 4.30 ratio for the 7.3l.
  3. ttwn0324

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Approaching Dodge territory with that wait.
  4. No, I haven't. I think the tire circumference for 17" rims are 31.5" that Ford lists. 18" are 32.1". The 17" tires would be like 25-30 rpm's higher then the 18" non Tremor tires. The Tires on the Tremor are like 34.8" compared to 34.1" for 20'" rims. The Tremor Tires would run 28-35 rpm's lower then the 20" tires.
  5. My opinion, the main reason for the two different ratios comes down to tire size. And it's so slight, Ford doesn't even force one over the other. If they did it would be 3.31 ratio with 18" & 3.55 ratio with 20". In tenth gear with 18" & 3.31 ratio at 65mph you're at 1423 rpm. 20" & 3.55 ratio at 65mph you're at 1428. 18" And 3.55 it's 1526 rpm. 20" & 3.31 it"s 1332 rpm.
  6. ttwn0324

    The 2" Front door ledges

    Wouldn't mind to see them go away.
  7. For me it all depends on what's being towed and where. Trailers with very little frontal area. 3.31 would be fine. Enclosed trailer, campers and such with huge frontal area and poor aerodynamics. 3.55's if not lower. The best way to decide which way to go, is talk to people who tow the same trailer with the vehicle you plan on.
  8. I think you can clearly see from the weekly scheduling notes it's just not a chip shortage.
  9. ttwn0324

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    $600 base increase on the Super Duty line for 2022. Option & destination pricing the same as 2021. So far.
  10. ttwn0324

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    The chip shortage is just the escape goat. It doesn't explain why there is a national back order on F150 Air filters, Active grills & other parts. It's a supply chain issue from top to bottom. There is a lot of widgets stuck in transportation limbo. https://www.supplychainbrain.com/blogs/1-think-tank/post/32763-automotive-supply-chains-are-in-deep-trouble-but-theres-a-way-forward On the bright side if you can wait and make do. No better time to trade in a truck & order one. While it may not be Corvette Trade in values. Still high enough to offset no incentives.