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  1. KB14

    Tire Pressures

    Thanks I tow and 30 ft 5th wheel. Guess I will go with max pressure on sidewalls
  2. My ford app says to run front tires at 60 psi and the rear tires at 75 psi. I have always run tire pressures at recommended psi that is on the tire side walls. Should I change? What are your thoughts
  3. 2000 F250, 7.3 Diesel Long Bed Crew Cab, Every 22 Years I get a new truck!
  4. KB14

    What does your Super Duty Pull/Tow?

    30 ft 5th wheel
  5. KB14

    Let's talk 5th wheel hitches.....

    I have a B &W and the puck system on my 2022 F250 and love it.
  6. KB14

    What does your Super Duty Pull/Tow?

    30ft cougar 5th wheel
  7. Finally getting closer. Just have to wait on shipping
  8. KB14

    Where are the Window Stickers?

    I am able to see my window sticker today. One step closer