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  1. GypsyG

    2022 F-150 Order Guide

    Thx for posting this. Wondering if there is anyone here who has any insight as to what the, new for '22, black appearance package might look like until the Ford website gets updated. If there is a more appropriate location to pose this question please advise.
  2. GypsyG

    Regional scheduler priority code info

    Thanks. So much to learn about this whole process.
  3. GypsyG

    Regional scheduler priority code info

    Gotcha... Thx for the clarification
  4. GypsyG

    Regional scheduler priority code info

    Well that is encouraging information. My 4/26/21 order (F150 4x4 Powerboost) was originally a "10" priority but my dealer recently told me it was changed to "02". Whether it speeds things up is yet to be seen . Original build date was 9/8 but last week got bumped to 9/21. Time will tell.
  5. GypsyG

    Bronco Hardtop Problems

    Put in for a 4 door with a hard top right when the reservation window opened up. Eventually changed course & am now waiting (among many others) on my '21 F150 Powerboost. Considering the hard top issues I'm feeling prety good about my choice.
  6. I suggested to the dealer that it might be the EVAP but turns out it wasn't. Ended up replacing the fuel filler neck. Had no fueling issues on the 100 mile trip back home.
  7. Halfway through a 1000 mile trip I started having problems getting fuel into the tank. Each time I tried to fill up, the pump acted like I didn't have the nozel inserted & wouldn't click on to begin fueling. At one point I was able to twist the pump handle at a weird angle to get some fuel into the tank but could not get the tank full so had to keep stopping to add more. Any clues about what might casue this all of a sudden?