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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. GypsyG


    I never did get any explanation for the shipping delay but... FINALLY!!! My truck is "in transit" as of today & has a Canadian National Railway railcar #. Now if I can just figure out how to track it.
  2. GypsyG


    I know, right? Talked to my dealer again today & he's got multiple orders in the same limbo & he can't get any answers either. I did find out that I'm now bumped back to ETA July 23-27th. No surprise there. Just heap it on top of the pile of mounting disappointments & let downs.
  3. GypsyG


    I've made the rounds again over the last few days (dealer, chat & marketing), and again, all with the same response. Still "awaiting shipment", no holds with VVR secondary status only showing "released". There is no additional info on a reason for a delay. This has not changed for me in nearly 6 weeks. There HAS to be a reason these trucks aren't moving. Not knowing what the problem is, is adding to an already frustrating process.
  4. GypsyG


    I've been following your plight on another forum & feel your pain. Been waiting since ordering my truck nearly 9 months ago, also built w/ no holds and in the "awaiting shipment" with no explanation purgatory. I have to keep telling myself it could be worse & try to be patient (it hasn't been 90 days for me ...yet).
  5. Just this morning I watched a video on You Tube from Tim at Long McArthur Ford in which he explains Price & Incentive Protection. About 5 minutes in he shows the Smart Vincent screen & the correct check boxes that need to be checked to pull past &/or current incentives & interest rates. It's one screen with different check boxes. I've been waiting for my truck since last October so I'm pretty sure incentives/ rates were better then than now. I hope I understood the question correctly & that this is helpful info.
  6. GypsyG

    Breaking News

    My order date was 10/7/21 & I just got my VIN a few days ago with build date of May 23. (Not holding my breath on that build date though) My mantra through this process has been " Hope for the best & prepare for the worst"
  7. GypsyG

    22MY F150 Retail Orders

    Order date was Oct 7 for my XLT Powerboost (RR with BAP). Crickets since then but I just got a call from my dealer that it has finally been scheduled & gave me the VIN. He thinks I may get it sometime in June. Not going to hold my breath on that quite yet but progress is progress.
  8. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Much appreciated 👍 Sales Code: F74927 Order Code: 4772 VIN: 1FTFW1ED9NFB29191
  9. GypsyG

    2022 Black Appearance Package

    Don't feel bad, my order date was Oct 7 & still not a word back on current status... BTW It is a Rapid Red Powerboost with the BAP
  10. GypsyG

    Ford Website Tracking Experience

    My '21 F150 was (ordered in April) was finally built & shipped the first of Oct. It arrived at my dealer Oct 13 but it never appeared in this app so your mileage may vary.
  11. Most recent email I received said the Bronco Big Bend I reserved in the first hours the window opened has finally been built & has shipped. Delivery window to dealer is 11/8 -11/14.
  12. GypsyG

    Current Wait Time F-150 Lariat order?

    As mistafu says: "nothing has been normal". 21 weeks of waiting for me. Truck finally built on Friday & is allegedly "in transit". Hang in there.
  13. GypsyG

    2022 F-150 Order Guide

    I haven't been able to find any photos or renderings but did find this article at Ford Auhtority with some info on the 2022 Black Appearance package option. https://fordauthority.com/2021/09/2022-ford-f-150-to-gain-xlt-black-appearance-package/
  14. GypsyG

    Bring This Back Please

    Ha-Ha, this comment made me chuckle. I am still driving my 2009 Ford with a 6 CD changer. The same 6 CD's have been in it for probably 5 yrs & I can't remember the last time I listened to any of them.
  15. GypsyG

    F150 Lightning Range

    I was excited when they announced the Lightning & seriously considered it but have to admit the range was one concern. Until the EV charging infrasturcture gets more established & widespread I expect others might be somewhat reluctant as well. I ended up opting for the F150 Powerboost for now.