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  1. Jeep has done a good job marketing Wrangler as the 'coolest kid on the block' so in my eyes they earned their leadership position. I want to see the Bronco decimate the hideous Toyota 4Runner that extremely popular here in the Mountain West and really hard to look at. Difficult task, I know the Toyota crowd is possibly even more loyal than Jeep fans.
  2. Kev-Mo

    Time to move on

    Best wishes to you FordTech! I have been on this forum for many years and I vote you as the "All Time MVP" GOAT as the cool kids say. Thank you for providing all the helpful insights. Glad you'll be around to chime in on a question or two as I have have two oldie but goodie Ford vehicles! Just got finished replacing all the back lighting for the instrument cluster and temp controls on the '98 F150 and didn't need to beg you for help! Sincerely - thanks for all you've done in the past!
  3. Kev-Mo

    2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed

    That Chevy pictured is clearly aimed directly at the the Tacoma (which is ugly also) - glad someone has the will to go after the market leader.
  4. That truck is a little BADD ASS! Love it!
  5. "... unpolished powertrain ..." Really? They could have just as easily said: "...fun to drive...responsive low end torque..." Anything other than the Honda like V6 powertrain where you have to replace timeming belts every 75k miles to get the silky smooth feel...ani't gonna fly with the rag that is looking hard for something to complain about. Ford is not allowed to go out of the box - that same engine in a European SUV and they would rave how much fun and sporty it is.
  6. Kev-Mo

    Car & Driver is lovin' on the Ridgeline,,,,

    Right - and the last place Tacoma will stay the top seller by a record margin...so much for these guys influencing buyers! I agree with kirby - nobody is even going to cross shop - the vast majority have their mind made up before they even start the process.
  7. Kev-Mo

    Car & Driver is lovin' on the Ridgeline,,,,

    Car and Driver: "We found that on paved roads the Ranger's acceleration and braking performance are a bit old-school rugged when compared to its more civilized rivals." We'll take that as the highest compliment -Thank you!
  8. Kev-Mo

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    I strongly agree with you - Yet towing is the center of advertising for most all trucks and most SUV ads focus on function - go figure! At the end of the day the ad really just wants you to think its great looking and cool. Again I agree with what most people buy in a new vehile -style and emotion (I read Bob Lutz;s book).
  9. Kev-Mo

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Correct - least part of the equation. I think lots of vehicles are insanely desirable and very cool looking. But when I actually put down the $$ its mostly for other reasons. All my vehicles need to be in this order: 1. Made in the USA by an American based company. 2. Have the capability to haul and perform in all 4 seasons of the Mountain West (i.e. Tow their rated capacity through the Ike Gauntlet >11,000 ft above sea level, on the hottest summer day, and safely navigate Rabbit Ears Pass in a snowstorm) 3. Have a Keypad entry (that pretty much narrows any purchase down to a Ford). 4. I need to see a balance of value vs. price and like the way it looks. I prefer color over shades of black and white -but I never buy on looks alone or being cool. My family truckster is 2008 EB Explorer (in metallic dark cherry) 110k miles (we have other vehicles for daily chores that share the miles). It's taken the family and towed the camper to nearly every major National Park in the Mountain and Desert West, and regular trips to Steamboat and Colorado winter sports destinations. It is non-offensive, and arguably 'handsome', but FAR from 'cool'. That should fully explain, and no apologies from me. It's just me -everyone is different and I am more different than most. (that's not my truck but a grab off the internet of the same model, I would never put those window things on anything I own)
  10. Kev-Mo

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    It is unbelievable what consumers will deal with just to be in a Jeep vehicle that is considered 'cool'! I want no part of the emotions that go with the auto business - I am far to pragmatic.
  11. I'm really hoping this is a smashing success - It's not my cup of tea but it is 'cute'. Much different overall look than the 'body crease a-paloozza' that Honda and Toyota have made popular, and now copied by Chevy (Blazer). I'm not sure this will make a dent in the thousands of blind consumers that say: "let's go to the Honda and Toyota stores and pick a small SUV..." I am hoping that Ford has not fallen too far off the 'consideration' list. Good luck Escape - hoping for a strong comeback!
  12. Autoweek - " ... And if you like, sleek, slippery, Porsche-like good looks, and a bunch of cargo space to boot, the 2020 Escape has you covered. " A few months ago when the pictures first came out I said this brings to mind overall of the looks of the Porsche, SUV. Got pretty much nothing but strong resistance here on the forum- but the guys at Autoweek must be as off base and crazy as I am for saying this.
  13. If you are saying "...PLEASE real Bronco, don't be as lame and wimpy as this..." Then I strongly agree!
  14. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    Thanks for the heads up! - sorry I can't keep up with everything automotive. Just a light hobby being a fan, it is not my profession. Still - anyone have a clue where Bronco might show for real?
  15. Yes, I do, they will be reveled and enjoyed in the car pool line, and the really expensive parking lot at Vail and Aspen, with the rest of the Land Rover lineup. They have carved their niche and this fits right in. The LR Defender faithful will be very disappointed- Jeep Wrangler still the only game in town.. No need to debate. You always get the last word anyway.