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  1. Ok, 'game changer' is on the strong side, but nobody here can deny the implied importance of this product in anticipation of release about a year or so ago.
  2. I'll accept that as the best answer we have. The published annual sales estimate was 100K or better I seem to remember - so it is obvious that number has changed. I think it is a great overall truck; and recently my Pilot buddy had a rental up in Alaska for a layover a raved about it.
  3. 8 months into a launch of a major 'game changing' product - flat sales and limited stock. It doesn't seem right on all fronts. Does anyone know what is really going on? Are we going to concede that this Ranger just not enough to sway young mid-truck buyers over to Ford - even with a far superior drive train?
  4. Ranger seems to have flattened out already - bit disappointing it is not selling better against the competition, I had such high hopes.
  5. Kev-Mo

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome! I am south of Denver Metro in northern Douglas County - glad to have another on board who can represent the Mountain West!
  6. That Aviator; no-way no-how, can ever be described as nothing less than 'World Class' We're going to find out soon if Lincoln was suffering from sub-par product, or if the Lincoln brand itself is just extinct. Nobody in their right mind is going to test drive this Lincoln vs. a Lexus, or Infiniti, then buy the Asian SUV.
  7. Kev-Mo

    Hello from the Seattle area!

    Method 1. Once your car is clean, put 2 cups of water in a bucket and add about half a cup of hair conditioner. Smooth it over your car with your trusty microfiber cloth. Then lightly rinse it with hose and polish with a dry microfiber cloth. Method 2. After you wash your car and rinse, while it is still wet, squeeze hair conditioner into a damp face size terry cloth. Wipe the wet surface to a very light haze. Polish dry with a large soft terry or microfiber cloth. Best part is you can get it on the glass, chrome and plastic trim with no dust residue or embedded wax. Just wipe it all to a an amazing finish., Then take that facecloth and do your dash and console - anything! It is amazing. Use cheap hair conditioner with lanolin. The scent is up to you :)
  8. Kev-Mo

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I should have noted that "the sooner the better" is them and not me! I love that motor!
  9. Kev-Mo

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I watched 20 people standing at podiums over the past couple of nights - in Detroit of all places, that are absolutely positive that all gas V8's are gone forever - the sooner the better!
  10. Sounds like they might offer 'regional' models. Of course there would have to be a Denver Broncos Bronco - Ford did obtain 'Official Truck' of the Denver Broncos rights and have a heavy ad presence in Mile High Stadium. https://thenewswheel.com/ford-official-truck-and-suv-of-the-denver-broncos/
  11. Kev-Mo

    Hello from the Seattle area!

    Once you learn the hair conditioner trick (especially nice on that darker shade of gray), you will never wax again, and you will hate yourself for all the time in your life you spent waxing cars... Congrats on the Ford- welcome home Toyota guy!
  12. Kev-Mo

    Oldie but a Goodie!

    Nope! Just keep it stock. I have added a nice tonneau this week. It would be fun to build it out a bit, but if I budgeted to remodel my old truck before some remodel in the old house my wife would not be too happy!
  13. Kev-Mo

    Oldie but a Goodie!

    Thanks for all the 'likes' from my 'Old School' Ford brothers!
  14. My buddy had this 1998 F150 3 Door 4x4 in his oversized garage (along with two other daily drivers). It had been very well maintained, and preserved. He was driving it about 4-5k miles a year doing chores etc. About 3 years ago I told him, when you downsize, and are ready to let her go, give me first dibs. Patience pays off, he calls me last month and said he sold his gigantic house and acreage, and he and his wife (kids now adults and out on their own) are finally moving to a much smaller property. He told me if I took it "as is", it would be a great deal. We went through the stuff that needed to be fixed and most were things I could do myself (I may have a question or two for Fordtech1). I saved him the trouble of having to have certain things fixed that a potential buyer would bicker over, so it was win-win. I grabbed it at a really great price, and now she is mine. While everyone, including myself, wants a new truck, I think it will be fun using this for my truck chores and keeping it running great and road worthy. I told all my friends; "...I wouldn't buy any old used truck, but this one was one in million..." He is an Air Force Veteran, that explains the color scheme. It is really quite nice in today's black and white world.
  15. So accurate, and so painful to acknowledge! You think they are popular on the coast - they challenge F-series here in the Mtn West for best selling vehicle!