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  1. If you are saying "...PLEASE real Bronco, don't be as lame and wimpy as this..." Then I strongly agree!
  2. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    Thanks for the heads up! - sorry I can't keep up with everything automotive. Just a light hobby being a fan, it is not my profession. Still - anyone have a clue where Bronco might show for real?
  3. Yes, I do, they will be reveled and enjoyed in the car pool line, and the really expensive parking lot at Vail and Aspen, with the rest of the Land Rover lineup. They have carved their niche and this fits right in. The LR Defender faithful will be very disappointed- Jeep Wrangler still the only game in town.. No need to debate. You always get the last word anyway.
  4. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    OK its moved. 02 Mustang was a bit more forgiving in his reply. I am not a full -time auto guy and how would I know that is was moved from the traditional January - sorry. Still nobody answered the question when we might see the production version.
  5. Fair enough -yes. A German BMW has a distinct road feel vs. the safe choice Honda appliance. My wife has a BMW and I can certainly feel that German thing. While I have no burning to desire to ever give up my Fords for it - she loves it though. I seriously doubt that anyone would feel the difference between this and the Jeep going up an easy USFS road while being packed to the max with a small amount of camping gear and forging a creek 1 foot deep. And, 'Jeep' already has the cool factor. So no need to spend extra for that. I'm sure well see it in the suburban school car pool line as a 'look what mamma is driving..." vehicle for those who can afford it.
  6. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    LA Auto Show? Detroit Auto Show in January ?
  7. Clarification - I look at this and can't help but see a $50K Jeep Renegade, not line for line BUT in "Size, Overall Shape, Function and Capability"
  8. Ok - To be more specific - I don't mean line for line detail - but "Size, Overall Shape, Function and Capability"
  9. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    And when exactly will we actually SEE the 'real' Bronco?
  10. Agree strongly! I look at this and can't help but see a $50K Jeep Renegade
  11. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    You make me chuckle sometimes Kirby - I am not 'acting' anything. I am simply calling balls and strikes. Ford has nothing to brag about profit wise of late -they are far from industry leader there. I give them credit for staying in the black in an insanely competitive and fickle market. F-Series - great job over time. Hard to stay on top. Even the Yankees and Patriots don't win all the time. Dodge has momentum and is gaining though.... FCA is killing it because they have done a good job of convincing people their stuff is cool, even though the reliability and real world performance is not the best. Can they keep it up? Don't know, but nobody here saw it coming a few years ago. Toyota has a loyalty that any corporation would die for, I have no idea how they do it, most of their products are hideous to my eye, and far from class leading function and performance. Ford is conservative - and always seems 3 years away from being really great. I only drive Fords, that's just me, still loyal. No acting or false statements above - just calling it the way I see it.
  12. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    So true -and I can't for the life of me figure out how that works- just mind boggling. The Chevy Colorado/Canyon and in my opinion the Ranger as well are clearly a better trucks, yet the Yoda doubles them in sales - at least. There is this emotional side of the auto business that I am glad I have no part in trying to figure out.
  13. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    Wow - you guys got fired up over that Tacoma dominates statement - I dis-agree with your downplaying it, but that's ok, I know better than to debate with the cool kids. I can't help but think F-series is peeking back over its shoulder at Dodge Ram - who are those guys? Don't say it can't happen, if 3 years ago someone predicted Fiat/Chrysler would out-sell Ford in the US market, guys like RJ would have gone absolutely crazy dispelling that notion.
  14. Kev-Mo

    August Sales?

    Ranger climbing - but no conquest sales vs the Tacoma.. Can't think off the top of my head of a vehicle that faces well designed competition and dominates its class like the Tacoma does. Wow - whatever the secret is, Toyota has it.
  15. Kev-Mo

    1976 F-150 DIESEL!

    That Chestnut Brown color was so popular in those days.