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  1. That was a totally cool color when I was 10 years old dreaming about going fast! All kidding aside - Ford could use some color across the entire line of vehicles - but in this day of leasing and everyone concerned about re-sale instead actually driving something personal, bland is good - I guess. When I drive past the giant Enterprise Auto Sales lot on my way home every single former rental for sale is somewhere between white and black.
  2. Just figured out what is missing from the rendering - big tow hooks in the front.
  3. I just asked a <25yo Toyota 4Runner owner what he thought of that rendering and he said it was awesome and he would shop that in a minute. Now that is great news!
  4. Seems like just a couple of years back the Ford Escape was an extremely popular vehicle in the Denver Metro area. I have yet to see any 2020's on the road, not even a rental (that might be a good thing). In the meantime the RAV4, CR-V, and the lookalike Koreans are all over the place! I didn't think the 2020 was styled that bad, it takes a different style direction from the Asians but their over-creased edgy bodies are not my thing. On a positive anecdotal note - the new Explorer is seen a lot and really presents itself as a clean, modern design. Lincoln also, seems to be much more prevalent in the So-Cal Wannabe Denver Burbs.
  5. I recently added the door mounted keypad from Ford Parts to the old '98 F150 I purchased in July. Easy add-on and inexpensive to boot! Keypad is the single greatest feature ever put on a vehicle and I can't possibly live without it now that I have had them on my Fords for so long. "Every once in a while, an executive with a sharp pencil and dull brain asks why Ford continues to offer a feature none of its competitors bother with. The company got the answer when it launched the Focus compact without a touch pad. “We had to add it within a year because of customer demand,” https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/10/19/ford-securicode-keypad-remote-keyless-system-door/4035371002/
  6. Kev-Mo

    09 Ranger is Dead

    Ranger sales may be stable, and I like the Ranger; but from that chart the new Ranger has NOT made anyone who planned to buy a Toyota change their mind.
  7. Kev-Mo

    09 Ranger is Dead

    Sincerely sorry to see Buckeye - great old truck! I get it! Buckeye has an old 'paid for' truck that he obviously put in a great deal of effort to take great care of, and he's perfectly happy with it. Blue book on truck is nil, but to the guy to owns it and took such great care if it - the actual $$ doesn't matter, because he has a great truck. Truck gets wrecked, now it would be nearly impossible to replace at the value the insurance company will give you - feels pretty crappy. You're being told to just pony up $35k+ or 5+years of payments for a new one and everything will be fine- makes you feel even more crappy, because before the truck got wrecked you didn't have an expensive problem.
  8. Kev-Mo

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Not to be confused with a Samsung Refrigerator...
  9. Kev-Mo

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    You can have one in any color you want as long as it is Stainless Steel Sheetmetal. There was a time when that would be a bad idea, but most vehicles color today fall somewhere between black and white.
  10. Kev-Mo

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    What do you guys make of that 'Tug of War' video with a F150 (didn't say what configuration)? Even given it was staged to favor the Tesla, that looked horrible for the Ford- https://www.autoblog.com/2019/11/25/tesla-cybertruck-pulls-ford-f-150/
  11. Kev-Mo

    2021 Chevy Trailblazer

    RAV4 knock off - body-crease-a-palooza Chevy going directly at the segment leaders. If you can't beat 'em (you know who you are Ford Escape) then join 'em!
  12. Ok - stepping out of the box here so I'll take my lumps when you guys dis-agree. Ford has one other truly Iconic car name that lies on the shelf - Thunderbird. In my humble opinion, they should have left the Mustang a pure Mustang, and maybe resurrected the T-Bird name for this new family of Electric CUV product development. Have it both ways: 1. An Iconic Ford name that does not conflict with at current product, and 2. A next generation of great products the fit into the future.
  13. Jeep has done a good job marketing Wrangler as the 'coolest kid on the block' so in my eyes they earned their leadership position. I want to see the Bronco decimate the hideous Toyota 4Runner that extremely popular here in the Mountain West and really hard to look at. Difficult task, I know the Toyota crowd is possibly even more loyal than Jeep fans.
  14. Kev-Mo

    Time to move on

    Best wishes to you FordTech! I have been on this forum for many years and I vote you as the "All Time MVP" GOAT as the cool kids say. Thank you for providing all the helpful insights. Glad you'll be around to chime in on a question or two as I have have two oldie but goodie Ford vehicles! Just got finished replacing all the back lighting for the instrument cluster and temp controls on the '98 F150 and didn't need to beg you for help! Sincerely - thanks for all you've done in the past!
  15. Kev-Mo

    2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed

    That Chevy pictured is clearly aimed directly at the the Tacoma (which is ugly also) - glad someone has the will to go after the market leader.