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  1. mbushardjr

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Interesting, I have the moon roof on my 350 ccsb, ordered 8-31 and confirmed on same day. Not scheduled yet. Dealer said that they are short on 6.75’ boxes and the extended running boards in addition to the goodesneck prep for my build, i thought that was interesting also.
  2. mbushardjr

    Has my fuel system been damaged?

    My experience is in the ag tractor world but the new HPCR fuel systems don’t like air, at all. The injectors like it less than the pumps. Gelling is just as bad as air. The tolerances are so tight lack of fuel causes scoring on the fuel system parts. Most new diesels use a 2 or 4 micron main filter. If damage is done it doesn’t take long to figure it out but it’s typically expensive to fix.
  3. Thank you Sir. I wasn’t sure if there was a for us to check. I will swing n by my dealer and ask. They must have got their huge fleet order in this week, the lot is full of trucks.
  4. Is there a way for us as the customer to know if our order was COVP approved? I know the way trucks are scheduled is a mystery but it seems odd that I am seeing so many trucks ordered after mine get build dates. I ordered a Lariat F350 6.7 on 8-31 (I understand there are many before me also waiting) only thing that I have that’s been in the commodity restrictions is the gooseneck/fifth wheel prep.
  5. This is interesting. I was wishing I could order the truck with the console shifter. One thing I know I will miss from my 2010 F150 Platinum.
  6. mbushardjr

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I ordered 8-31, confirmed same day. Nothing but crickets since. No AS or bedliner. That makes me worried. I feel bad for the guys that ordered early and still have nothing.
  7. mbushardjr

    First Oil Change.....2022 6.7 Diesel

    Can I ask what’s wrong with the OEM oil? I understand everyone has their own preferences but during the warranty period at least it would seem to be a safe bet.
  8. mbushardjr

    5th wheel on a short bed?

    I pull a 5th wheel with my current and previous 5.5’ bed F150, no slider. Just have to pay attention, once I didn’t while making a quick sharp turn in a small parking lot. I heard the crunch and knew right away. Didn’t break the window though. Once in 15 years ain’t bad. Most people I know that have sliders don’t use them anyway.
  9. mbushardjr

    What was your trade in or previous rig?

    2010 F150 Platinum is my current, hopefully soon be some one else’s, once my 350 gets scheduled and built.
  10. mbushardjr

    Latest hold up?

    I'm starting to wonder also. Ordered a F350 CCSB Lariat 6.7 with 3.31ELD on 8-31. Added Moon Roof, Heated rear seats, Rapid heat, Block Heater, Skid Plates, Rain Sensing Wipers, Garage Door Opener, Extended running boards, 5th Wheel prep, LED head lights, 20" Wheels, Third Light camera, and Lariat Ultimate. No bedliner, wheel well covers etc to minimize issues. Priority 19, not scheduled yet. Just confirmation email. I see trucks ordered after me have shipped already on the FTE spreadsheet.
  11. mbushardjr

    Let's talk 5th wheel hitches.....

    I'm either getting the Reese Goosebox or B&W for the factory mounts. I like the king pin hook up, but don't like taking heavy hitches in and out every week or two...
  12. mbushardjr

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    I debated, but ordered the quad beams. I didn't want to chance not liking the stock halogen lights from other posts I read. Plus they changed the look of the truck.
  13. mbushardjr

    What does your Super Duty Pull/Tow?

    I don't have one yet, ordered a 2022. It will tow our fifth wheel camper (Wife wants a bigger one than we have now), Snowmobile trailer, Gooseneck trailers, and the fish house I want to buy in a year or two.