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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. nswan

    Misinformation/ moderation

    Go find an honest dealer to work with.
  2. Delivered 1/14 Thank you for your help along the way.
  3. nswan

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Ordered 7/19 Scheduled 11/18 Built 12/23 Delivered 1/14 Psalm 103
  4. It comes standard with the Lariat Ultimate Package, but not with the Lariat Value Package. I know because I changed my order from the Value to Ultimate.
  5. Morning, May I please get an update for this week? VIN # 1FT8W2BT5NED37942 Thank you and happy new year!
  6. nswan

    My wait is finally over…

    Great truck. Patience is key. Sorry to hear about your previous truck getting stolen. That must have been tough to accept..
  7. nswan

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    What is the part number of the tremor air dam (vallance)? Trying to find it on Fords OEM parts website.
  8. nswan

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Thanks. It looks great. Gives me confidence about how mine may look in iconic silver. I included the extended running boards too. Truck should be here any day now.
  9. nswan

    Latest hold up?

    Why are you arguing with me about this? I have to admit, you do seem to know a lot, and do a great job at describing how things are supposed to work from the perspective of a dealer and Ford, as well as assuming I don’t know what I’m talking about (which I don’t appreciate). Ford chooses to go through dealerships, like any other automaker in the industry. Ford has just as much ‘choice’ to lobby otherwise if they would truly love to have more control over dealerships and how things should work. There’s no excuse for existing bad policy on retail orders. Period. And I’m not sure if you’re trying to enforce some community guidelines like Facebook, but you talk like there is something wrong with me and others sharing some real experience on how things aren’t working as they should. From a customer’a perspective who has waited 6 months and counting, I’d say it’s pretty reasonable to tell people that an average 30+ weeks is what they should expect for the entire process. After all, Ford tells us it can take a few days to get built and the average transit time is 12-28 days depending on a number of variables (obvious use of words to save face for when things don’t work out). Thanks for your input though.
  10. nswan

    Latest hold up?

    Why would VVR information be solely confidential from competitors? Plus, how would a dealer know that who they are selling to isn’t a competitor or isn’t going to share confidential information? I.e., on forums where competitors likely hang out. The disclaimer doesn’t say anything specifically about that, it just says it is Ford Confidential. Not every dealer is intelligent enough or trained to know what the terms of a confidentiality statement are. Some dealers may use that to their advantage, some may not, and others simply have no clue and don’t share information because they truly think it’s confidential. For retail orders, Ford themselves only gives out information on the Primary Status to customers. Speaking from experience, I’ve tried asking for more information several different ways, and Ford has always told me to go to my dealer for more information other than Primary Status. I’m assuming each Ford dealership has to comply with the Terms and Conditions of their agreement with Ford in order to sell products and operate. If a dealer misrepresents Ford, or does not adhere to the Terms and Conditions of their agreement, there could be legal ramifications pursuant anti-defamation laws or breach of contract. It would not surprise me if the Terms and Conditions have some type of indemnification clause that protects Ford from dealers who “do not do their jobs”, because if there wasn’t such clause then it would make Ford look bad and lose business. That’s why Ford allows franchise-type dealerships and does not sell vehicles directly to customers; keeps their hands clean. If it is truly the dealer’s job to share VVR information to Ford customers, don’t you think Ford would have the resources to enforce that expectation? I see a lot of customer complaints on here. It’s aggravating to me, not only to see so many complaints, but to see moderators and those who represent Ford pass much of the responsibility off to dealers and say things like their dealer should be doing a better job at providing customers with more information about their retail order. People come on here not to get the run around, and I don’t expect the information to be 1010% accurate, but it’s clear that there is some protection for Ford on this site (which I completely understand). So, Dealer is protected, Ford is protected, but customers can’t necessarily have their order protected or have guaranteed transparency that should be provided when purchasing a vehicle that costs upwards of $90,000.
  11. nswan

    Latest hold up?

    People ordering from Ford should know one thing: Information from the Vehicle Visibility Report (VVR) is Ford Confidential. I know this because I’ve seen the disclaimer at the bottom of the VVR screen. If a dealer feels comfortable to share information with you, then they may make the choice to do so. Otherwise, all customers that place an order are as important as the dealer wants to make them. There is a lot of information about hold ups on here, but even the moderators have to tote the line from a liability standpoint. Think about it, why would your dealer or Ford want to make promises they could not guarantee to keep? They’d face hundreds, if not thousands, of small claim lawsuits or even a class action one. Best advice I can give you for the retail order buying experience: expect 30+ weeks of lead time and find yourself a genuine dealer or sales consultant/representative who will take care of you. Otherwise, you could be unimportant to the dealer you work with and the order could get sold from under you just like that. And remember, Ford does not have the resources to ensure every dealer is 100% compliant with representing them - which the moderators on here should understand when telling forum users how their dealer needs to be doing a better job.
  12. nswan

    Dealership Inventory

    cars.com autotrader.com Can’t search the same specifics like Ford’s website allows, but you should still be able to search Trim Level and Fuel Type.
  13. nswan

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Looks clean. Are those the standard FX4 package LT275/70R18E All Terrain Tires and is that stock stance?
  14. nswan

    Bad News From My Dealer

    What is the last day of production this week? I was scheduled for 12/14, and my current status is just ‘in production’ per my dealer and ford tracking website. I’m thinking it’s likely my build will ‘pause’ until after the 3 week shutdown.