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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Ours has a very light feel to the front end as far as steering ... easy to wander ... caster off???
  2. Mefly2

    Super Duty Accessories

    The worst part about buying the new F350 was that our Diamondback will for fit the SD ...
  3. Mefly2

    PCO...Personal Customer Offer

    Yes and yes
  4. We got our topper yesterday - a Century / Leer ... we have 1/8" to spare on a standard door opening. I can trim off about 1/4" on the flexible trim seal of the door opening. So, the clearance will then be 3/8"
  5. Regular $3.98 ... add a dollar for diesel ...
  6. Mefly2

    Wheel well liner

    Helps keep krud and ice out of the engine bay ... but was a shortaged item for some time and may add time to your build from factory.
  7. Mefly2

    PCO...Personal Customer Offer

    We have a 20 Expedition but visited Ford.com a lot deciding what to order on the SD.
  8. Mefly2

    Super Duty Accessories

    Be sure that you get one that fits 2022 SD ... I am sending mine back to Amazon. It is about 1/4" to large in both dimensions ... might fit if you remove the bezel to install?
  9. With the aid of a level and laser ... the back of the bed on an F350 is 1 1/4 inches higher than the front of the bed. Some garage door openings will NOT accommodate the height.
  10. Price / location for wheels, tires, step, please.
  11. Mefly2

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    F350 ICONIC SILVER 4x4 CCSB Lariat 6.2 / 10spd Picked up 10 days ago ... nice weather! Got the Lariat because we wanted Baja interior. Waiting in the mud for rain to stop to install accessories ... We'd rather see snow - especially our GSDs.
  12. Mefly2

    PCO...Personal Customer Offer

    Early 2022 got an email for 3,000 to be used by 4/4. Original order was 11/08 and we recently received another PCO via snail mail. We used the $3,000 two weeks ago.
  13. 3.99 gas 4.78 diesel Western MT Mar 12 2022
  14. Mefly2

    What's your payload capacity?

    2828# on a 22 ccsb F350 4wd fx4 gas Lariat camper pkg We had the build downrated to 10,000#