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  1. I ordered an f250 black lariat 6.7 with the black appearance package on oct 5. So apparently my 5th wheel and tonneau cover wasn't dropped from my order after I asked and was told it was 2 months ago. My dealer is telling me he can't pull it since its priority 02. I know if he reaches out to the regional rep they can remove it. Anyone have any idea on when or if they are expecting more covers and 5th wheel prep or should I just order another truck?
  2. 6.7zack

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So is anyone else wondering if or when ford will close the order banks on the 22s to clean up the backlog? Seems like there is a ton of trucks sitting still not scheduled and I think last year March time-frame was the last to order that model year? I really hope my truck doesn't push to a 23.
  3. 6.7zack

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So I saw the scheduling notes for the super duty for 1/03 does anyone know what they mean by cleanup scheduling? Thank you.
  4. Can you please provide an update to my order and if possible confirm priority code. Thank you. 2022 black f250 lariat Sales code F44500 Order code 1671 Order date oct 5, 2021
  5. Be careful with flares especially if you live in a salt belt area. The flares can vibrate and scrub the paint off the truck and cause issues not seen until its too late.
  6. I went with the carpet delete since I have a lot of snow and salt as well. Im really curious how much popularity this has gained since it seems to be very common on these new trucks
  7. 6.7zack

    Keyless Entry

    My 12 had the code in the fuse panel on the passenger side
  8. 6.7zack

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    I think its worth the extra. It makes the truck look much cleaner and provides better visibility
  9. 6.7zack

    Leveling new F 250

    Readylift makes a quality product. Get the drop bracket if you level.
  10. 6.7zack

    Tire Brand

    Any 20 inch wheels have the Michelin i believe
  11. 6.7zack

    Do big dealerships get orders faster?

    I have an order with a smaller dealer and they definitely seem to be taking longer to get my truck scheduled even at a priority 02
  12. 6.7zack


    I always match my front two with 20 percent and add a 5 percent brow on the windshield.
  13. 6.7zack

    Honesty Hour: The Tremor Package

    I went with a non tremor and plan to add my own level and tires and wheels. I wasn't thrilled on the style of the tremor wheels and couldn't justify the price increase over the non tremor.
  14. 6.7zack

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Thanks I think thats the answer that clears it up because his screen def showed no allocation but makes sense.