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  1. pilotpip

    2022 LED fog light upgrade

    They had to offset the loss of the crappy halogens in the super duties. I don't know if they have anything, but take a look at diode dynamics. They're located local to me. I have a couple friends that have used their replacement headlights and been happy with them.
  2. pilotpip

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Ordered a 23 today. Had the email within a couple hours. Lariat CCLB SRW with the "standard" PSD. I added 5th wheel prep, Sport Appearance, and towing tech package. Last order was short bed and 7.3. The price hadn't really changed from the 22 with the exception of the diesel. Yes, base MSRP went up, but what used to be the "Lariat Value Package" and LED headlights are now standard which just about makes up the difference.
  3. The features you mention have existed for over a decade. The locks with the fob in your pocket is really nice when you're juggling a couple small kids like I did for the first couple years we had our explorer. As others have mentioned, the fuel cap is one less thing to worry about, and has a flap to prevent siphoning. My explorer and F150 both have a funnel you have to use with a fuel can in the event you're dumb enough to run out of fuel. And if you want to lock, unlock, or start your vehicle from miles away, there's an app for that. As for your rental cars, as someone who has the joy of renting nearly weekly, welcome to the reality of the modern world. When everyone stopped traveling, the rental companies sold off their fleets. Like everyone else, they can't replace them right now with new vehicles, and you get to pay a lot more for a lot more miles.
  4. pilotpip

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    I'm short. Those steps are amazing.
  5. Dealer Code: F53080 Order code: R598 Thanks
  6. pilotpip

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Anybody gotten this email? Wondering what the holdup is. F-350 CCSB 7.3L 3.73 FX-4 Sport appearance 5th wheel prep LED headlights Originally ordered December 30, 2021. I dropped black appearance because of the bedliner issues on Feb 14. Now I see they have a BAP without the Bedliner...
  7. pilotpip

    Bedliner: Drop-in v Spray

    I'll never have a truck without line-x again. I've had it in my last two trucks and it held up great. The bed isn't slippery when wet, and I've spilled gas and other chemicals on it and it cleaned up with a little All Purpose Cleaner and a hard spray of water at worst. I've never seen a drop in plastic one that didn't deform and rub paint off as it aged.
  8. pilotpip

    Super Duty Accessories

    Transferflow fuel tank for my Godzilla as soon as it's available. Line-x Swing out tool box on each side BAK Revolver X4s tonneau cover
  9. pilotpip

    Power moonroof production delays

    Haven't heard that one. If I have to go back to first year pay like I'm hoping to you can have my order slot!
  10. pilotpip

    Should I Drop Spray-in Bedliner?

    What are you skeptical of? With a reputable installer they're pretty much bulletproof. I've had two trucks with line Line-X and they've held up very well. My father in law has the factory spray-in and it looks nice, plus they put a ford logo on the back wall of the bed. As for durability, I have no idea. He hardly uses the truck. I would have no problem with the line-x. I'm still debating switching black appearance for sport on my 350 order but I won't drop the factory 5th wheel prep.
  11. pilotpip

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I saw a 150 on the lot in antimatter. Sold. I've owned blue jean metallic 13, and a lightning blue metallic 18 F-150. Might as well keep the blue ford truck streak alive. Personally, I blame growing up around Bigfoot. I've had a thing for blue ford trucks all my life.
  12. Yes, but what kind of HP and Torque numbers was that 460 getting at 11mpg?
  13. pilotpip

    Tonneau Covers

    I have a BAK revolver X2 on my current truck. It's ok. The new X4 model fixes the issues I had with the X2 so I will probably go with that on my 350. I like the security aspect of the "hard under frame but the ability to roll it up and have it almost completely out of the way without blocking my view out the back.
  14. pilotpip

    Rooftop spoilers for towing

    Unless the fairing goes all the way back to the trailer, it's essentially worthless. With the large gap, all those do is create turbulent airflow, which actually increases drag. If there are gains, it's minimal at best and won't make up for the price to install them. Look at the fairings on semis now. They reduce the gap between the tractor and trailer, and span the length of the trailer. The ones sticking out from the back are there to smooth the transition of air coming off the back of the truck and reduce drag. All those things add up to maybe a 5% fuel savings at best. For you and me, we will never recoup the cost of installation. For a trucking company that has a fleet of dozens of trucks running every day of the week, it could save a lot of money.
  15. pilotpip

    F250 vs F350

    Yeah, but it looks like you're running a power stroke. That certainly helps. We have been discussing the 7.3L gas engine (aka Godzilla). I have a 3.55 in my F-150. Pulls my current rockwood minilite amazingly well. It also has a torque curve more like a diesel than most gas engines.