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  1. Glad to be back in the San Antonio area. I don't need to fill the aux tank until we go out again.
  2. I put a hole above my hitch and another down into the 5er garage. Those 2 places are under my bed and I connected them with pvc for the wires. The TPMS transmitter is in the garage and has no problem connecting to the valve stem sensors. Do I like it? I was driving through downtown Denver during heavy traffic when the dash lit up saying a trailer tire was low. I got off the next exit and found an empty lot to pull into quickly. (Literally, in the shadow of Mile High Stadium. ) Visually, the tire looked fine but I could hear the hiss. I put the spare on and drove to Cheyenne. I, thankfully, don't know what disaster would have befell me if I'd continued down the road oblivious. Yes, I very much like it. I also like the trailer cam and wish I could switch it with the bed cam so I could leave it on screen all the time when towing. Still, being able to bring it up full screen is handy to see if a pass is done or if someone is coming up behind.
  3. Most at or below $4 now. A few as low as $3.51. Still have an aux tank on my Christmas list.
  4. A previous owner fixed a security issue on the truck. That tumbler is a disaster. I picked up my 22 in October and I ordered a right front pax door handle (no tumbler but does have the lock touch button) to replace the driver's handle getting rid of the tumbler. The handle was a bit over $200 and the paint $45. It's common knowledge among thieves that you can pull out the Ford handle, put a channel lock around the tumbler and open the door faster than with a key. It's unlikely for the battery to be so dead that it won't unlock a door but if that does happen you can hook jumpers to the starter motor to open the door. Or you can install a trickle charger lead on your battery that you can access through a fender. Lots of chrome door handle covers on ebay if you want to replace yours so the key hole is gone. YT videos on how to pull off the covers without any tools.
  5. None of which would be required if the vehicle were picked up at the factory.
  6. I've asked what is involved in dealer prep and not received much of an answer. I imagine a good bit of it involves removing things used for shipping like plastics, and clean up which wouldn't be necessary with factory pick up. Topping off fluids?
  7. Diesel finally coming down a bit in San Antonio. A few stations below $4.
  8. Mine's been fine a couple weeks since I got the new BCM. A couple hours after the reload I got 2 more messages so I thought it failed but no more since then.
  9. Actually, I think Ford is realizing it doesn't need dealers in the traditional sense. Back in the day when you needed to hop a wagon or a bus or whatever to get to the nearest town so you can kick tires or take a little test drive to see if you like this or that model that happens to be on the dealer lot, the idea of travelling a great distance to get a vehicle was not an option. Today, we read reviews, ask forum members, look at pics and videos online to decide what we want and order it. What need is the dealership but to fill out the closing paperwork? Had Ford just said, ok, we'll email you when it's done and you come pick it up in Louisville, I'd have been quite fine with that and would have spent a lot less than $1800 to get it. I don't think anyone in the CONUS would need to spend over $1800 on a one-way flight to Louisville, and a drive back. And certainly a lot would pay well under. All Ford would need is an office at the factory to handle 50 states registration and key turnover. Current dealerships would be reduced to used vehicle sales, repair/maintenance, and receipt for vehicles shipped in the traditional manner for those customers who'd prefer that. But that would only be receipt and keys, the rest of the paperwork already handled by corporate.
  10. Our church supports a mission in Haiti. Diesel is about $75/gallon.
  11. I haven't heard about anything like that on a new truck before. What engine?
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