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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Prices for gas getting below $3 in San Antonio again. Still high.
  2. 4thTimer

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    More pics please. Atlas Blue is awesome.
  3. 4thTimer

    2022 F250 Not Starting

    I haven't heard about anything like that on a new truck before. What engine?
  4. 4thTimer

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    You mean besides the MC seats, right?
  5. Oh, well, hmmmmm Maybe you can find another star white vehicle to compare to. Maybe troll a mall parking lot.
  6. I think if you compare the body to the bumpers or other parts and it looks the same you should be good.
  7. I'll have to see if my Pacifica does that but really it seems like I would actually have to look for that in which case it would be easier to look speed setting and actual speed. I'd rather have something more noticeable drawing my attention to the problem.
  8. 4thTimer

    Tail Light Tint

    That's kind of by design.
  9. Apparently, a lot of SoCal residents are getting has in Mexico because Mexico's gov't is trying to help it's citizens unlike ours.
  10. Prices have come down a little here. I guess that's supposed to make us feel good and forget they're still up over 100%. We should be happy to only be be getting 20 lashes as it's so much a nicer whipping than 25 lashes.
  11. My plan was to trade my van in on the new truck and that was supposed to occur before the warranty ran out. Well, of course, that plan went out the window waiting for this truck. Anyway, now that I've rolled over 36k miles, I'm wondering if the ESP might be a good idea. But an ESP now would require buying years longer than I need. So, would the existence of an ESP be worth much on trade in? I notice when I value the van on KBB or Carmax, I'm not asked if there's an ESP so I'm assuming it doesn't count for anything. I wonder if it might be possible the buy the ESP on a monthly payment and just drop the payments when the van is sold?
  12. 4thTimer

    Extra key fob buttons.

    How about putting a couple user programmable buttons on the key fob. So you can open the garage or gate when you are out walking or riding in another vehicle? Friend or Uber whatever.
  13. 4thTimer

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Sorry, looked like a pic of Canada.