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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The MY23 order sheet will have a disclaimer "Order whatever you want and you'll accept whatever we build. "
  2. 4thTimer

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Beautiful and probably has some of the last massage seats. So jealous, I ordered the same.
  3. I thought the massaging seats were called "full motion seats" or something like that.
  4. 4thTimer

    Super Duty Accessories

    They do. Perhaps a paint shop could put a few coats of clear coat over them or maybe have a piece of ceramic film put on in that area below the blue oval.
  5. 4thTimer

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    I consider Automatics to be female and M/T to male. However, I was referring to the infotainment center which is neutral until it self identifies.
  6. 4thTimer

    Super Duty Accessories

    How difficult was it to line them up correctly?
  7. 4thTimer

    Super Duty Accessories

    I thought of something else too because I also have the vault on my order, you may have difficulty getting a plastic tray into the box and if it does fit in it will probably have wasted space around it. I was considering not putting the vault on my order and installing it myself. I watched a video on it and I think the last step to installing it is the top frame and door. If you wanted a tight fitting organizer tray on the bottom, you could take off the top of the vault to put in a bigger tray but you'd have to do that again to remove it.
  8. 4thTimer

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    You can tell it to just play random songs on the drive.
  9. 4thTimer

    Super Duty Accessories

    If you have certain items you can get some foam and cut holes like a camera case or maybe find some organizer trays at Office Depot or Walmart?
  10. 4thTimer

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    I like Pandora but you can rip the CDs you like to a thumb drive. Nice thing there is can delete the ones you don't care for any more.
  11. 4thTimer

    Hard not to consider, right?

    So for ages I've heard that a new car "loses 10% or more value just driving it off the lot." But now if it goes the other way you're a dick?
  12. 4thTimer

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Well, it's on bookface so it must be true.