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  1. You can contact customer service. Ask for a rail car number . Mine showed shipped on 6/29 . Customer service gave me a rail car # and update that it was in St Louis on 7/2 . Called the rail service a day later gave them the car # and it showed to be in Mesquite Tx yard empty. Now the wait begins to get convoy to deliver.
  2. Tried my tracking that I got from customer service.after I received a email showing it shipped on 6/28. He showed it delivered to the St. Louis rail yard on July 2nd. When I tracked it yesterday it showed to be in the Mesquite Tx rail yard. Checked again today and that rail car showed to be in Grand Prairie yard I assume at the GM plant loading.
  3. So what do you think about the ceramic tint, compare to standard. Have a truck that should deliver next week . I’m in Texas where it’s hot and dry. Just trying to compare when I go get the windows tinted.
  4. I use invisible glass cleaner and a Mr Clean magic erasers with a microfiber cloth. Works great. DO NOT use on windows with tint.
  5. Dealer sent me a copy of the VVR report . Primary status in production. But I did get a email from Ford showing built 5/23 . Will call back customer service next week .
  6. Will they honor the PCO for your truck ? Had it expired? I have one for my truck that is showing to deliver after the PCO expires . Of course its just a estimate delivery for the 2 nd time .
  7. So the VVR shows why it is on hold or what’s holding up shipping?
  8. What antenna you using . I assume that’s a ham radio.
  9. My F350 lariat is in the same status . Received a update last night estimated delivery 7/13 - 7/20 . This is very confusing. Dealer is not being any help also. Mine is shipping to Texas .
  10. I had several items not available when I ordered , also dealer confirmed. 5 th wheel pre package , roof lights, wheel well liners , mud flaps, spray in bed liner , uplifter switches. Ordered truck on March 28 2022 . F350 lariat with 7.3 gasser .
  11. My F350 lariat with a 7.3 gas showed built on 5/23 awaiting shipping. Estimate delivery 6/14-6/20 . On 6/14 showed back into production. Called Ford customer service and they showed it in ship stop status. Not sure why . Dealer won’t tell me either .
  12. When I ordered my F350 on March 28th the roof lights were not available on the option list. Ordered a F350 lariat SRW . Dealer said they could install but wouldn’t confirm price . Will sure be more than the $95.00 option from Ford .
  13. Will do . Hate to lose out on $2500 . Have a F350 lariat with a 7.3 gas on order . This is my retirement truck .
  14. Truck ordered end of March . Received the pco in late April . Truck showed built 5/23 awaiting shipment. On June 14 went back in production. In ship stop status . Talks ed to customer service and to marketing last week regarding my order . They couldn’t say why it’s on ship stop. Think the PCO expires early July .
  15. Received my PCO for $2500. Hope my truck gets delivered before the offer expires !!
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