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  1. I take offense to that. J.F. Director, Demo Solutions (reporting to VP of Go to Market and Strategy) ??
  2. Don't think hiring someone (or a team) to look over the mega-multi-billion dollar current and future factory expansion and build-out to be something to consider as bloated.
  3. I agree at least at first! I imagine one would get used to the behavior and range of their vehicle - but yeah definitely less anxiety in having to find a gas station than finding charging stations!
  4. We have 2 locations near each other. One with 2 stations and the Canadian tire in Kemptville has installed 8 or so Tesla charging stations. In that plaza you have access to all sorts of food options. Again I'm not "must get an EV" and I'm not disagreeing with anyone. That's why I didn't stand in line for an F150 lightning. I couldn't imagine stopping every 150km (or less) for a charge when towing (boat or RV). The day we choose an EV it will likely cover a solid radius of any single-day trip we'd ever want to take (or be willing to deal with the pain of finding mid-route charging options).
  5. Never done it, and maybe it would be murphy's law that when we need it none would be available but in our recent travels we always see plenty of empty charging stations... and, you're supposed to choose the restaurant based on the charging station... not the other way around!! ? That being said we're in Canada (Eastern Ontario) - so the volume of EV population (or at least EV vs charging stations) is probably still very low. I agree that it would take some planning ahead, but if your choice is to go the EV route, that's the challenge you accept. The extra time spent for the huge trip savings multiplier vs gas. -- Not talking total cost of ownership here, just trip vs trip... ahum, I know how these threads go. Say one thing and a whole new discussion starts ?
  6. When my wife and I go on long-ish trips (3+hrs) we generally stop to eat. Most vehicles on the proper charging station can get topped up quicker than you could have a decent meal. Still longer than a fill-up. I just got a '22 F-150 powerboost but when our (now 2nd vehicle) 2017 Kia Sedona is driven into the ground (5-6yrs) we're definitely going with all electric. If tiny bit more planning on a trip means getting rid of the need for gas, I'm in!
  7. Awesome thanks. That’s where I got the secondary status from us tbe VVR the dealer sent to me. Wasn’t sure what produced meant and whether I was out of the woods yet. Sounds like I’m not quite there!
  8. Silly question and I did admittedly only do a quick search. what does it mean when the secondary status is “produced”. Does it mean 100% done or could it also be placed on chip hold?
  9. All good, reader beware is all I'm saying... the whole "grain of salt" thing...
  10. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. Unless you can quote a senior Ford employee stating that as fact, it's pure speculation on the part of eager customers waiting for their vehicles. I mean I wouldn't blame Ford for doing that - would certainly not be a great situation for those who ordered Escapes but would be great for those who ordered F150s ?
  11. My biggest concern is just getting my truck... I don't care what year it is when I get it, I don't intend on selling it but if it's a huge concern of yours, you could just cancel this order and by an MY23 - not that this option wouldn't suck, just saying you have options ?
  12. No offense to dealers, but like some other folks above I went to the dealer with a printed "spec sheet" I printed from my online order. I had actually sent that order directly to my dealer through the website's option - they couldn't even get that right. So, we took my build sheet and line by line put the truck I wanted together and then I moved onto financing and the dealership ordered my truck... In the future, I think dealerships should end up being technical vehicle experts - not sales. I would have much preferred to click "buy now" online and not even show up at the dealer. I get that some people want to touch and feel their cars before they buy them - it's not something I need, at least not in an F-150. Perhaps when it's time to buy my full electric "family" car when my van is due to be replaced in 5 years I'll want to see what my options are, but again - I'll probably do all my research online before I make a call anyway.
  13. Fair enough and I use it too. But right now my dealer tells me my truck is tentatively scheduled for the week of 6/13 whereas the tracker website still says “order received”. So I won’t get an update from the site’s status until the truck is for sure scheduled.
  14. As it is for me, but we don’t have a choice in Canada. The dealer is the only option we have for updates…
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