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  1. "What if Lincoln made an electric coupe based on the Lincoln Star?" - Amateur photoshop using Lincoln Star body, and its rear end swapped for the front end.
  2. matt6

    Dark theme

    I think myself and many other users would appreciate a dark mode for the site, especially on mobile for late night browsing! 🙂 It seems to be becoming the default on many apps lately. It would be nice to see it implemented!
  3. Just throwing some guesses out there: 1) Corsair/Nautilus coupe? (Doubt) 2) They decided to bring Black Label to the Corsair with Continental door handles? 3) For some reason, it is another refresh, maybe with a Nautilus matching interior.
  4. matt6

    2025 Expedition Spied

    I agree with you here. I was hoping for a full redesign, the side of the Expedition has always looked just a little aged to me. But I’m not surprised it’s just a heavy refresh. I wonder what that means for its platform twin, the Navigator. Full redesign or heavy refresh?
  5. matt6

    Site Performance!

    I’ve also continued to have this issue as of earlier this week.
  6. Personally not into these cab-forward designed EVs
  7. I figured that’s what you meant. I hope you’re right because it looks like an attractive shape. (Especially the rear). Overall a bit more chiseled than the current gen.
  8. I don't have the answer, but man I wish it did. I don't see why it couldn't have and been built alongside Aviator and Explorer. Someone more knowledgeable than me might know why though A sportier RWD version of the new Nautilus would be right up my alley.
  9. Found this sketch that was allegedly shown to dealers in 2018. Would’ve been built on CD6 if I recall correctly. I remember being hyped from those rumors.
  10. Are the odds of a next gen ICE Corsair or Aviator any higher now? They both had recent/incoming refreshes, so I would assume they are at the halfway point or closer of their lifespan. Or should we expect the next Navigator and new Nautilus to be the last gas powered Lincolns? Maybe they will offer both ICE and EV versions of new vehicles like BMW with the 7 series and i7 until they’re ready to fully commit. But last I read was that the EV Aviator is supposed to be styled much differently than the current?
  11. If I understood correctly, this means Lincoln isn’t ready to go full EV just yet? They’re focusing on “getting them right.” I wonder if we might see next generation ICE products then (other than the Navigator).
  12. Whoops. I see all the interior color choices now. I’m a dummy!! I don’t know why I only saw black on the build and price yesterday. That blue is amazing. wasn’t trying to undermine the Black Labels; When I was looking at the site it seemed like you’d have to jump to the BL for an interior other than black (which is not the case, I see that now). Sorry about that lol..
  13. Oh of course! I was just surprised that they’re only offering black on the lower trims. (based on the build and price) And maybe red?
  14. Funny enough, I think the Reserve with the Jet Package looks more upscale than the Black Label, or at least a lot more interesting. The BL's interiors are still incredible but it's a shame how much the jump in price is for a nicely colored interior. Edit: Looks like Lincoln is done with the plastic cladding around the wheel wells. All I've seen is painted body color or black. That's good.
  15. I sort of wish they offered a third-row option like China's Edge L. I know there's the Aviator but mid-size competitors like the GLE offer a third-row. I feel if it's platform mate can do it, Lincoln can fit two more seats back there too.