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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone know if turning off the traction control will extend the life of an over heated PTU?
  2. Hello All, I have a 2013 Fusion se. 1.6 ecoboost I have a lighting issue that I think is either a fuse or wiring: The tail-lights that are actually on the trunk do not work at all on either side, the part that are attached to the body do work on both sides. The trunk/cargo light inside the trunk is not working. The 3rd brake light (or upper light, on top of the rear window) is not working either. Has anyone heard of this issue and if it is related to a specific fuse or wiring problem? Thanks Edit: Just found out that the S and SE models may not have actual working lights that were attached to the trunk
  3. Installed the Illuminated Door Sill Panels from Ford Accessories today. Total install time was just over an hour. Standard disclaimer - I'm not responsible for whatever you do to your car as a result of these instructions Ford's instructions are pretty good, but there are a couple places where I differed from them. Most notably, I used squeeze connectors from Radio Shack instead of soldering the wires. These are much easier (IMO) and at $2.50/pack you can't go wrong. Tools Needed: 10mm socket/wrench, pliers, razor knife, plastic putty knife, splice connectors (see pic below, for 18-22 gauge wire), zip ties (included) Splice Connectors: The steps below correspond to the steps in the Ford instructions. Changes I made are in bold with an asterisk * 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. I'd like to meet the SOB at Ford that decided to bury this under the cowl, but it is what it is. You want to do this any time you're working with electronics, and there's so many airbags in this car I just feel safer. 2-5. Start pulling panels as shown in instruction manual. They come up pretty easily and the clips are pretty well spaced. In step 5 you'll have to give the Xmas tree peg at the base of that panel a pretty good tug *6*. I didn't remove the A pillar completely. Just pull it straight out (towards the steering wheel) and let it sit there. You'll see why later. 7-10. Repeat on passenger side. Note that you don't need to remove the passenger side A-pillar Completed passenger side disassembly: 11. Be very careful here. Remove the overhead panel. The corner clips that it warns you about are incredibly fragile, especially in the back. I'll probably end up having to put some glue in there because I think I broke a tiny piece of one. This is the hardest panel to remove - what I ended up doing was getting the front loose first and then slowly working my way back but I couldn't seem to avoid a big tug that finally got it free Try not to separate the two pieces like I did here: 12. Remove the main harness connector. This is what you'll be connecting to. I also removed the secondary connector on the side to completely remove the panel and set it aside 13. The cable runs to the left edge of the headlinerpanel and loops back to the center, glued the whole way. Just work your finger under it and eventually it will come up so you can fish it back behind the headliner. 14. You're going to want to cut the black wrap back as far as you can 15/16. There are two gray-violet wires. Make sure you get the one that's in the position marked in the guide. This is where I used the squeeze connectors. There are two channels in them. One goes all the way through, so this is the one that you slip over the wire in the car. The second only goes part way, so run the wire from the sill kit into this end. Make sure both wires are centered in their channels, then squeeze the connector shut with your pliers. Both wires should be in place. Once I tested them I wrapped them in electrical tape. The second wire from the bottom (the gray/violet one between the violet and yellow-green) is the one you want to connect the red lead to, the black wire is on the top (black to black): Both wires connected: Connect the negative battery cable here and test to make sure the lights go on. Then, you can fish the harness back into place, reconnect it (after disconnecting the negative battery cable again), and put the overhead panel back into place 19. I just ran the wire down the inside of the A-pillar. There's no need to zip tie it in and this saves you from struggling to get the pegs on the A-pillar out (they're stubborn). You'll have to force the wire in between the weather stripping and the base of the A-pillar with the plastic putty knife. Wire run so far: As soon as you run wires through a point, you can start putting panels back in as directed in the instructions 21. I had to pull off the center console trim pieces on both sides to fish the wire through. For zip ties, make sure you run them around the steel frame behind the knee airbag, not the airbag itself. Zip tie location (cut the excess off): 22. I pulled a carpet peg out near the door and ran the light cable through there, then used the same peg to anchor it back in place. Final cable run on driver side: Now you're just replacing panels. As you replace them, they tend to go over the weatherstripping. I use a plastic putty knife to fix the weather stripping and force it back over the panels where it belongs. I'll post more pictures of the final result later once I get a chance to go out at night
  5. I was very upset when I found out my 2013 Fusion Energi Titanium was not going to have the Dual Integrated Tailpipes like the Gas Titaniums. To me, that was the mark of the higher end Fusion Titanium (If you agree, please comment/Like my Ford post - http://social.ford.com/your-ideas/technologies/personalization/dual-integrated-tailpipes-for-the-2013-ford-fusion-hybrid-titanium-and-energi-titanium/) So besides telling Ford, I am looking at changing my Energi's rear end. I have been talking with my Dealer's Service center. We think that we can change out the current Energi rear for the gas 2.0l rear. It would still only have one working tailpipe, but it would look like a dual. From best we can tell at this point, there are two parts (17810 and 17K922 [may need 17F827], costing just over $500) on the Fusion gas that are different from the Energi. Here is the image from the part catalog (in PDF and jpg): pdf - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4hPmV6eq_1HV2ljWmlZZm51UDQ/edit?usp=sharing jpg - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4hPmV6eq_1HUnJENEpmaTNaenM/edit?usp=sharing I am going to meet again with the Service department and with the body shop and my salesman later next week to really scope this out. I am not sure what it will really cost, but if all of the parts fit, it should be a simple change. Even on the gas version, the exhaust pipes just butt up to the opening in the "integrated" holes in the bumper, so the Energi would just have one pipe, but still to openings. I'll let you know what I find out. Anyone else do/looked at this?
  6. Out of curiosity, do all of the 2013+ fusions not come with weather strips on the rear windshield along the perimeter? The reason I ask is because there is a gap on my windshield between the outer edge and the body of the car and leaves are always getting stuck in that gap. So I'm wondering if this affects everyone or if it's just me and I need to have it taken care of.
  7. Has anyone thought of buying the Ford Dynamic LEDs used on the new Mondeo in Europe and installing them on the Fusion? I wonder if that is possible and there isn't any need for wire conversions.
  8. Posted this a couple weeks back on another forum and got no response. Car was a week old and I gave it a wash after getting home from work. Noticed it making this noise and can't say I've heard it since. I'll have had the car one month at the end of this week. http://youtu.be/Toi_v9YL9yw
  9. Item Affected: STEERING Date Announced: 6/4/2013 Description of Recall: Ford is recalling certain model year 2013 Fusion vehicles manufactured April 19, 2013, through April 23, 2013. The steering gears may be missing an internal retaining clip. If the clip is missing, components inside the steering gear may become dislodged inside the gear assembly. Action Needed To Fix It: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the steering gear, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in mid-June 2013. Ford's recall number is 13S06. Owners may contact the Ford customer relationship center at 1-866-436-7332. Find your local Ford Dealer.
  10. I ordered a 2013 Fusion Hybrid Titanium on 4/8/13. It will have a grey exterior with navigation and premium floor mats. I hope to get my DORA today as promised by the dealer. I will use the tracking tools provided in this forum to keep me posted on the process of building and delivering a car. This will make the wait bearable and interesting. Thanks to everyone who posted about the buying process.
  11. Has anyone had problems with the radio on MyFord Touch where it will not stay on the surround option. Every time I turn the car off and then back on the radio defaults back to the stereo option.
  12. After a long period with no Ford in the driveway - on this Thursday - my 18yr old daughter gets her new Escape Titanium. I'm impressed that while she really could have picked anything from anyone - after our test drives and looking around, she wanted this. As a shareholder, I'm pleased to see that she thinks its cool. Loaded...even self park - cause she needs it. Go Ford. PS: It will be parking beside two Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and a TT - but she's claiming garage space.
  13. I have had my new fusion titanium for about 4 months now and today I just noticed a deep dent in the roof. The dent is in the corner of the moonroof where the glass and seal meet with the body. There seems to be a slight dimple or indentation in the roof of each corner of the moonroof, however, one corner has an extremely deep indentation. Does anyone else have these indentations on the roof?
  14. Ok, this topic is only about the MKZ Hybrid 2013. For those that have taken delivery I have a question. I have noticed when sitting at a light running on EV, and all climate, radio, nav off I am hearing some weird whirring noises. Can you guys try this out and see if you hear anything at all. I would hate to have to take this back to the dealership 1 day after getting it!!!
  15. I'm hoping for some quick feedback from the community... I'm going to my dealer tonight to finalize paperwork on my Energi Ti. In reviewing the drive off cost and what fees are in it the dealer mentioned $399 for an "etching" fee. I understand this to be a "theft deterrent" by having the glass and, I guess, some other parts etched with the VIN. I'm really on the fence about whether this is necessary. It is completely optional. It just makes me think of the old dealer added undercoating. Anyone else run into this or something similar and what are your thoughts about paying to have this done? Many thanks!
  16. I've been lurking here for a bit and have some questions that hopefully the forum might answer. Several people have discussed their anguished wait for delivery so I wanted to know in retrospect...Do you wish you had waited for dealer stock instead of pre-ordered? I have considered pre-ordering but I'm afraid I won't like it in the color I'm considering and don't want to be obligated (I think I want Ginger Ale - And, yes, yes I already know that most people hate it, think it looks like puke, wonder WTF Ford was smoking, etc. etc.). I don't trust the colors shown on the Lincoln website because I've seen how widely they can vary from the real thing. For example, take a look at their representation of Ice Storm and then look at some actual photographs of Ice Storm Fusions. Also, sometimes colors just don't look right on certain models. Once you pre-order, are you locked into that vehicle? Do you have to put down a deposit? Are you basically just paying what the price configurator shows or are there markups or mark downs? If I don't pre-order, am I destined to wait until Summer or Fall until a build shows up somewhere in the vicinity that matches my requirements? If you are going to pre-order, is it better to do so from a dealer with few pre-orders or one with a whole bunch already? I'm very confused at this point TIA
  17. If you have a 2013 Fusion Ti AWD model, the manual says that you should be able to view the AWD power distribution on the Information display on the left of the speedo by changing display modes: "Intelligent AWD (if equipped): displays power distribution between the front and rear wheels. More power to either front or rear wheels will be displayed by more area filled in." Only, It doesn't work. None of the menus for the Intelligent AWD System as described in the manual come up. My VIN and sticker confirm that I have an AWD car, but it is disconcerting that no menus are available for that system. I called the Ford Customer Relationship Center (CRC), and they told me it was a SYNC issue and told me to call the CRC/SYNC line. The SYNC people said is wasn't a SYNC issue. So, it would appear that this falls through the cracks. Do any other 2013 Fusion Ti AWD owners seem to have this issue?
  18. Hi Guys I am a newbe to the site, but not to Ford. I just ordered a 2012 Fusion with the 2.0L ecoboost to replace my 98 Taurus.
  19. Last year it was time to part with my 2000 Taurus. As much as I loved that car, it seemed to reach the point where one thing after another was going wrong. I took it to my local Ford dealer’s service dept. one morning to check out a new rattle, and found out it was going to cost more than I wanted to spend to repair it. I made an on-the-spot decision to trade in the Taurus and drove home a 2012 Fusion that afternoon. I couldn’t be happier. The question is, if my Taurus had lasted a year or so longer, would I now replace it with a 2013 Fusion? I’m not one of the people who were instantly impressed by the styling of the new Fusion. In several previous posts I’ve been skeptical of the high beltline and wide center console, but my opinions had only been based on photos and videos. For the first time this morning, while at the dealer for an oil change, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a 2013 Fusion in the showroom. While I didn’t get to drive one, I was able to sit inside and form a better opinion. On the outside, yes, it is a good looking car. There were no surprises seeing the car in person, as I’ve seen photos of just about every angle online. It was the interior that concerned me the most. The interior, I have to say, is very comfortable and inviting. The cloth seats are much smoother and softer than those in my 2012 (not sure about durability), and it’s noticeably wider. It actually felt, in size, comparable to being inside the 2000 Taurus. To me, the upper door frames and seals also look very similar to those on the 1996-2006 Taurus. That’s a good thing. The car I sat in had no moonroof (I’m 6’4” tall, so I never buy a car with a moonroof because I don’t want to give up the headroom). There was enough headroom to allow me to raise the power driver’s seat to a position where outward visibility all around was actually very good and my head was still far enough away from the headliner. While the center stack is wider, higher, and more intrusive than I’d like, it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. The tray and power outlet under the control panel is nice, but it’s awkward to get to with the shifter in the way, and reaching around to the side openings isn’t very easy. Also, I found the left foot rest to be too close to the door opening, not allowing my leg to stretch out as much as in the 2012, something that the sales manager said others at the dealership had already noticed. Oh, by the way, for 2010-2012 Fusion owners that complained about the sun visors being sprung to only stay in 2 positions – either up on the ceiling or all the way out to the windshield – that problem is gone. The new sun visors will stay anywhere in between. The rear seat was comfortable. Anyone under 6’ tall would have plenty of room, even with the driver’s seat where I placed it for my long legs. What really surprised and disappointed me, however, was the trunk. I already knew it was less roomy than the 2012, but I wasn’t expecting to see that the rear deck lid only lifts up as high as my shoulders. To get anything in or out I would have to bend down and duck under the lid. I’ve never had to do that with any other car! I took the picture to show how the opening is actually more horizontal than vertical, due to the swooping rear window. For what it’s worth, there’s a handle on the left side that lets you pull the lid down from the inside, without having to touch the outside. Just a couple more small points; I was concerned about how far the side mirrors stick out, especially when navigating in and out of a standard garage door opening or when parked outside a busy shopping center, but they do fold in. I especially like the keyless entry keypad hidden in the upper door frame of the driver’s door, and how it’s standard on the SE. That’s something I actually use a lot. Again, I didn’t get to drive this car, but from what I’ve read, I’m sure it would be as nice as, or better than mine. So back to my original question, if timing had worked out differently and I was in the market for a new car now, would I buy the new Fusion? Yes. I’m still just as happy with my 2012, though. I wonder what the 2023 Fusion will be like.
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