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Found 20 results

  1. Seems you can only get 9-11 gallons in the 14.5 gallon tank. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/toyota-faces-class-action-lawsuit-for-faulty-rav4-hybrid-fuel-tanks-300996709.html
  2. https://news.alphastreet.com/ford-mulling-a-partnership-with-volkswagen-for-vehicle-development/ Auto majors Ford (F) and Volkswagen are exploring ways to work together, which would help both the firms to help each other to compete better with their rivals globally. The companies officially confirmed on Tuesday that they are in talks to find ways of developing vehicles together, including commercial vehicles.
  3. My first post in any forum, so I apologize if the format is incorrect or I have missed where this topic is covered. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid and the interior lights do not work either as courtesy lamps or when trying to turn them on with their individual switches. When the door is opened, any time of day, none of the interior lights come on. When the trunk is opened, the light doesn't turn on. When the map or dome light switches are activated, nothing works, nor does the back lighting work on the switches in the overhead console. All fuses related to this circuit were checked and were functioning. I cannot find reliable wiring diagram to push much further. I followed the suggested work order, even replacing the dimmer/headlight/foglight switch assembly. Nothing different other than my wallet being lighter. See attached for what guide I was following. Using SnapOn scanner tool, I could see all door switches functioning correctly as well as the courtesy lights "ramping" on and off. The ECM seems to be giving the order, but nobody is listening. Any guidance would be appreciated. 2010 Fusion THE COURTESY LAMPS DO NOT ILLUMINATE FROM THE INSTRUMENT PANEL DIMMER SWITCH.pdf
  4. Hello all! Looking forward to my new Fusion Hybrid ordered 12/18/12, built 2/19/13, delivery TBD. The multiple Ford sites look like great information.
  5. I would like to find out how far we are getting on actual orders for Fusion Energi and Hybrid Titanium. So please restrict your posts here to What you ordered and where you are in the process so far. Like You placed your order and have a VIN or schedule build. Example, I have: Model: Deep Impact Blue 2013 Fusion Energi Titanium Date Ordered: 11/15/2012 JOB: Job # 2 Promised Delivery time: none VIN Available: not yet Window Sticker Available: Scheduled Build Week: TBD Scheduled Build Date: TBD Actual Build Date: TBD Released from Factory for Shipping: TBD Rail car ID available: TBD Estimated Delivery Date: Estimated Delivery Date: Actual Delivery Date: TBD State: MD And that's all.
  6. What changes, additions, deletions would you suggest to Ford for future Ford Fusion? Include the version (Gas, Hybrid or Energi) and trim level (if applicable).
  7. Include the dual integrated exhaust on the Hybrid Titanium. When a consumer selects the titanium features rather than SE they should expect a similar platform and class for the look. When I ordered mine in November it was billed as having the same feature set as the gas titanium. This move by Ford will not encourage people to move up from the SE, and will only save money in the short term but result in lower sales over time. At least make this an option, or increase the price, titanium people will pay for exterior and interior refinement
  8. I want to play a DVD in the vehicle for my kids during a long trip. Reading the users manual it appears it can be done while stopped but not while driving. I understand the safety concern but I'm not planning to watch finding memo for the 20th time anyway. Does anyone know how to jailbreak this to allow DVD's to be played?
  9. I ordered a 2013 Fusion Hybrid Titanium on 4/8/13. It will have a grey exterior with navigation and premium floor mats. I hope to get my DORA today as promised by the dealer. I will use the tracking tools provided in this forum to keep me posted on the process of building and delivering a car. This will make the wait bearable and interesting. Thanks to everyone who posted about the buying process.
  10. Ok fellow Z enthusiasts, here is the spot to track your Hybrid fuel scores!!! Here is my first, I will update these on a weekly basis. Remember we want your lifetime scores!!
  11. Could someone please track the following order for me? Dealer: F16585 Order Code: 900A Order #: 2222 Order Type: 1 Priority: 10 Order Date: 3/11/13 Thanks, Tim
  12. My window sticker on my Hybrid Titanium says "Hill Start Assist" but Ford ETIS says less Hill Start Assist. What is this feature? Do those that have Hybrid Titanium's have this in their car? Thanks for your help.
  13. I have ordered a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and noticed that in the trunk there is a 12 volt battery. Why does that battery exist and how does it interact with the Hybrid battery?
  14. Ok, this topic is only about the MKZ Hybrid 2013. For those that have taken delivery I have a question. I have noticed when sitting at a light running on EV, and all climate, radio, nav off I am hearing some weird whirring noises. Can you guys try this out and see if you hear anything at all. I would hate to have to take this back to the dealership 1 day after getting it!!!
  15. I originally posted this in the 19" rims for Hybrid Titaniums thread, but I believe the topic deserves it's own thread. Last week, I asked @FordService what tires come stock on a Fusion Hybrid Titanium. They got back to me this afternoon: When I look at Tirerack, the Goodyear Eagle LS2 is not listed as Low Rolling Resistance (LRR). In fact, I couldn't find ANY Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires in the 235/45R18 size. So, Ford is shipping the Fusion Hybrid Titaniums with only one possible rim (18") and non-LRR tires? How did they get 47/47/47 MPG with non-LRR tires?
  16. Hi CyberDMan, Thank you for your service. Please provide a visibility report (with CTTX) for the following: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium White Platinum VIN: 3FA6P0RUXDR281733 (built 3/27) Dealer: F16201 (Lawrencevile, NJ) Order No: T030 (ordered 2/6) MyFusion
  17. I checked the manual and read that recommended fuel octane is 87 for the fusion. Dumb question: does that include the hybrid? When I entered my VIN in ETIS and expanded the list of options on the right hand side of the screen, it reads 91 octane, which is premium. Can you guys clarify this for me? Posting this same thread in fordfusionhybridforums.com in case you see it there. Thanks!
  18. In the world of hybrids, the Toyota Prius casts a very long shadow. Despite a myriad of alternatives from other manufacturers, the Prius walks away with the hybrid sales crown month after month. More here.
  19. WOW, Very Cool. That just happened last night (I checked it yesterday). The Hybrid Titanium and Energi and Energi Titanium are now on the Ford Build and Price page!!!! http://www.ford.com/
  20. I just got home from the dealership after ordering my 2013 Fusion Hybrid (deep impact blue, charcoal cloth interior, SE hybrid technology package) using my wife's Z-Plan pricing. I'm stoked about the order. We drove and loved the 2012, but are very excited about the 2013 exterior and the improved mileage and fold down rear seats. According to dealer estimated delivery date is Oct 10. I even got a letter from the sales director allowing me to take back my deposit if it isn't delivered by the end of October, so I feel like Oct 10 must be a pretty good bet. Has anyone else ordered? What are you hearing as estimated delivery dates? Anyone know how to read the top portion of my order confirmation? It reads order number 01, Priority 10, tag 000z000, price level 315. What do these items mean?
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