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Floor Liners

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Here are some comparison pics of the Weathertech mats from my Silverado to the Husky mats that I have purchased for my Raptor. The Husky mats feel much heavier than the Weathertech and also the nubs on the bottom are a huge improvement to me vs having to screw in anchors into the carpet for the WT mats.











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I really wanted to like the stock mats but looking at them over and over again, it looks like they are lacking on coverage underneath the pedals. I really like to keep the carpet as nice as possible.


Oh yeah, says they are made in the USA. Address on website is:


Winfield Consumer Products, Inc.

P.O. Box 839
22425 D St., Strother Field
Winfield, KS 67156

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I have Husky's in my Explorer and in my SD. They are better then the Weathertechs.. much nicer feel to them and they are more flexible. You can roll them and fold them to create a bowl effect so when you have to empty them, it doesn't spill into the truck. The harder plastic material is not nearly as flexible and can spill when you have to lift them or tilt them to get them out of the truck.


Husky all the way!!

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The only thing I would caution about softer rubber is that it tends to wear out more quickly at your heals. My Dad had really thick rubber floor mats in his Ranger and after 3 or 4 years he wore a hole right through them. His weather tech floor mats in his F-150 held up well for 5 years before he traded it. That's why I tend to be skeptical of soft rubber although they should last as long as you own the car regardless. They also clean up better, less absorbent and easier to scrub down. I go to a retailer very regularly and they powerwash my WT matts once a month.

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Damn.....you'd think the new Raptor mats would be good considering the amount of upgrading that went into the design. I hate when they skimp on important details like mats. My 2001 sport track mats are stock, made of heavy fibers. I'll admit it's dryer than a desert out here but still, they have lasted 16 years. No rubber in them.

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