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1979 T-bird?


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First post here but I have a 79 t-bird that was my sister's, actually still titled in her name and she was 1st owner. About 65,000 miles on it. Some rust but otherwise in pretty good shape. I was thinking about just fixing it up for my teenage daughters but didn't know if it was worth more than a couple thousand dollars, if that? Just wondering if it is worth preserving or just run it? To me it seems like a good starter car for them, big, safe.

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https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird. I don't think that or those eras would be desirable at all. Were everything a T-Bird shouldn't be, except maybe the last generation. A big car by then, probably expensive to run and maintain. No longer in sports mode, Corvettes were pretty lame through those times too.


But if it's free and with a minimum of money spent would be a great hand me down for daughter. It would be a big, heavy safe car anyways I would speculate also. Kids, seem to wreck cars pretty well unless they buy them on their own.

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On 7/14/2018 at 8:33 AM, twintornados said:

Not really a good selection for a teen drivers daily ride....sell it to someone that can properly care for a car of that vintage and buy her a more modern vehicle...ten year old Accord, Altima, Fusion, Malibu, or Camry would be a better choice....


Granted, this was 25-plus years ago, but I drove a 1979 Mercury Cougar my senior year in high school and first year of college.  It was a unique vehicle at that time and I bet even more so today.  If you could park that beast, you could park anything.  I also learned real quick how to drive safely on poor roads in winter conditions.

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