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Performance upgrades for 2005 4.6L

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Not sure if this is the best place to post this (mods, it can be moved to the powertrain section if need be)


I have a 2005 F-150 XL with the Triton 4.6L, 3.55 rear axle, only mod I've done to it engine-wise is the intake silencer removal (makes a slight whistle at times now, not quite like a turbo, though). What's the best way to increase torque and horsepower output?


I'm aware that a tuner would help a lot, but I've never messed with any of that in person, but I've read up a little on the Edge Evolution 15051..What's the best one for this engine? Where's the best place for deals on a good one?


Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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Canned tunes make for better throttle response, and maybe a small gain in power and torque. But often they require premium fuel to do so. Same things that make more power in other engines make power in any modular engine, i.e. cams, headers, exhaust, intakes and as Wizard said, rear gears. Rear gears will give the best "seat of the pants" improvement with no other supporting modifications. Everything I mentioned need supporting changes to really get the most of them. BE sure that if you buy a tuner, make sure it can support the changes you may make in the future. Like gear ratio, etc. 

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Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late on an update. 


Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated.


The one thing I did end up doing shortly after I posted this was remove the OEM factory muffler assembly. I didn't cut it, so I could re-install it again if I want.


I have an 8' bed with the regular cab. The extension pipe that goes behind the cab is there, as well as the cats. Is there anything I should be aware of running this setup for long term?


Its definitely a lot louder and more obnoxious at times, but at certain RPM's it sounds really good for just a muffler delete.


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