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Leaf Spring to Coil Conversion

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Hello all,


I have been out of the automotive building scene for about 20 years now and so I have a lot of catching up to do.  I just bought a 1983 Bronco that is in great condition for her age.  I have a lot of hopes and dreams for this truck, but the first thing that needs attention is the suspension.


The old leaf springs in the back are sagging down a bit to the point the rearview mirror is focused on the ground behind the truck when it is leveled relative to the truck body (factory position).  Anyway, what are your thoughts about converting the rear leaf springs to coilover shocks?  Is this worth the trouble it would be or should I replace the leaves with another set of high-quality leaf springs?  


Any thoughts or direction you could provide would be most appreciated!  Thanks in advance!!


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I would just replace them with factory springs.  They’re cheap at lmctruck.com.  I think you’d have to replace both the front and rear and probably change a bunch of other stuff to do a conversion the right way.

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Go to www.fullsizebronco.com for tech help.

That is the number one source of info for fullsize broncos with TONS of knowledgable members.

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Posted (edited)

Beautiful Bronco!  I had a 93.  Was a bone stocker that I put a 6” Dick Cepec lift on. 
With that being said, I also had a rear sag issue after the lift.  Took the dick cepec blocks out and made my own.  Made the slightly angled to correct the pinion pitch while at it.  You could easily swap the factory blocks which look like little pizza slices from the side for slightly larger blocks  and that would be super cheap.    You would still have that factory ride too.   You could also get some rubber springs from a company called Timbren to assist with the sag and firm up the ride a little. 
Other than that, you could always buy a nice inexpensive 4” lift kit that includes all new springs if you want to have to buy some new tires and wheels.
Don’t bother re’arcing the factory springs though, it doesn’t last.

As far as coil suspension swap?  I say why?

Most likely a nightmare to find the correct spring rate that works..

Definitely WAY labor intensive without any sort of real payoff.  I mean unless you plan on chopping your rear end off to accommodate better departure angles when off roading, there’s no point.   Leafs flex awesome, better than coils without the binding and obstruction of lower control arms, upper control arms, track bar etc..

I see no point whatsoever.  




Edited by F350buyer
Forgot to address his coil spring question.

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