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Parking brake locked with multiple icons on dash

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Parking brake locked with multiple icons on dash

2016 Fusion Titanium with 5k miles started with Brake system light, as well as Traction Control and ABS lights. Rear electric Parking Brake motors locked and vehicle would not move forward or reverse when transmission was in gear. Researched Electrical Rear Parking Brake procedure and got the car in Maintenance Mode. Still have 4 or 5 illuminated Icons but rear brake motors released so can can move in gear. Checked for codes at OBD port and found none. All normal monitors set but no stored codes. Comes out of Maintenance Mode but still shows dash warning lights and still locks up.

What is causing this warning? Regular brakes seem to be functioning properly. I usually do not ever activate the parking brake and it was not turned on at the last time the car was shut off..
What could be causing this? Can I safely drive the car with the Brake, Traction Control, and ABS warning Icons on the dash?

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