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Periodic strong gasoline smell after startup

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Periodically my 2016 MKX will very strongly smell of raw gas right after starting, backing out of the garage & continuing for a time after driving away. The dealer has been unable to identify the cause, although by "tightening things up" in the engine compartment it will be ok for a while.

Does this sound familiar? Has the cause been found?  Great car other than this annoyance!

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You're smelling it in the cabin? Several possibilities to check, In order.

Check for missing/broken hardware on exhaust manifolds, cats, or Y pipe. Check manifolds for cracks. Soot around any pre-cat connection is also an indicator of leakage.

Loose spark plugs.

Fuel leaks from rail/injectors and EVAP system. 

Check for missing/damaged grommets, air vents and decklid seal, just as they would for CO issues in Explorer.  

Make sure HVAC is at latest software level- won't solve issue, but may mitigate it some. 

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Yes, odor in the cabin. Thank you-- great checklist, hope to find a cause.

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