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Piston slap / "tick"


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Has Ford fixed the problem in the 2021 5.0?  We had a 2017 GT Premium that with the hood open, you couldn't hear it running.  We traded the 2017 for a 2019 GT Premium. At 9400 miles, the tick, more like a rattle, became extremely noticeable. Its embarrassing to drive. Maintaining speed, it sounds like a diesel. It now has 12,400 miles. Wanting to get rid of it for a 2021. If the issue hasn't been addressed, and this awful noise is "a characteristic of the engine", then a brand change is in order. Not looking for smartass answers, if you know for sure its been addressed, your input is appreciated. If you dont know, please dont comment.

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My understanding is that the 2021 Mustang GT will continue with the same gen 3 Coyote as the 2018 through 2020. I have a 2018 F-150 and my Coyote has the same noise issues as your 2019 GT.


The 5.0L Coyote in the 2021 F-150 does get some major changes with the addition of cylinder deactivation and a new belt driven oil pump design but I doubt either of those changes will result in a quieter Coyote. Neither of those changes apply to the 2021 Mustang.

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