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  1. GT69

    Who waxes their cars?

    Aside from the price if you get it done by a professional, I'd say no. Removal will be a bit of a pain, so be sure to do or get it done right.
  2. I was pretty disappointed when I first found out that the Mustang has no front parking sensors and no front camera. I don't know about the US, but in Europe it is pretty much standard these days. Can't imagine why Ford skipped on these 😕
  3. Not really considering an EV since at my current location the power grid is 50 years old and I would not be able to charge at home.
  4. GT69

    Piston slap / "tick"

    The only thing they changed is that starting with MY21 they now recommend 5W30 instead of 5W20 oil. At least that's what I found out from my research.
  5. Hello! This is my first Ford order and its a Mustang GT in Grabber Blue, ordered on 01/29/2022 Edit: Haven't got a VIN yet. Thank you very much for your help and your time!
  6. GT69

    Kentucky Truck Plant Question

    That would be amazing news
  7. GT69

    AWD Mustang?

    AWD would be a real big gamechanger in the history of the Mustang
  8. GT69

    Adaptive Cruise Control. yes or no?

    Never was a big fan of adaptive cruise control. I just don't feel comfortable enough letting the car control braking and speed automatically.
  9. Are US orders generally produced faster then export orders? Or is it random?
  10. GT69

    Mazda CX-60 Debuts

    I hope for Mazda they improved their quality. My last Mazda 3 was an absolute mess in terms of reliability. It was more in the workshop than on the the road
  11. GT69

    Who waxes their cars?

    I prefer ceramic coating instead of wax. Its not cheap though, but at least in my case it lasts longer than wax.
  12. can any order be looked up or only US orders?
  13. I never bought any warranty extensions, since I always put money aside for eventual repairs. Most of the things which break aren`t covered anyway.
  14. Tailgate mat looks awesome. A nice toolbox would also fit perfectly on the bed.
  15. GT69

    Heads up display (HUD)

    A head-up display would be nice, but only if integrated in the dashboard, projecting to the window. Not a flimsy plastic acting as a HUD.