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Lagano Victory at Darlington Tainted?


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Not sure what to think about this one. On the one hand, I would rather he tried to pass Byron cleanly but on the other I have seen much worse from Dale Sr and more recently Kyle Busch. Dale Sr was idolized for driving like that. There was a reason he was called The Intimidator.


Joey said it was payback for Byron crowding him into the wall earlier although I think it had just as much, if not more, to do with getting that win and an almost guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

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Logano raced Byron the way Byron raced him: 


“We’re equal,” Logano said. “You put me in the wall first. At that point, it’s game on.”

Logano allowed that Byron would be right to be upset “if I punted him out of the way for no reason to win the race without him doing something to me in the past at any point… He never has in the past, and it’s not like he meant to fence me,” Logano said. “I don’t think he meant to run me in the wall. The [fact is] — he did. It’s racing and it kind of took the win out of my hands, so at that point you’re going to have to do what you have to do to get the lead back in the same manner. He got it, so that’s kind of how that works.”


I do not disagree with his thought process: 


To me, I probably wouldn’t have gone straight to the bump and run if it wasn’t for how he got the lead,” said Logano. “He came off Turn 2 and drove me right into the wall. At that point I’m lucky my car is not broken and I’m a very angry driver. I think anyone in the field would probably agree, if someone is going to be willing to do that to you, the gloves are off at that point.

“I knew, if I got back there, what I was going to do and what I had to do. So that was the way he wanted to race [and] I said, ‘Let’s go.’ If he passed me clean, it wouldn’t have looked like that. But that was the situation that was there in front of me.



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Unfortunately for Joey, he does have a history of getting into these kinds of feuds with other drivers, Hamlin and Kenseth come to mind. And didn't Kyle Busch throw a punch at him a couple of years ago? NASCAR fans remember that stuff. I think a lot of that in the past had to do with Lagano being fed up with what he perceived as other drivers thinking he was a pushover. I'm sure some of that was true, especially early on in his career at JGR and I think that's just something new drivers have to deal with. Unfortunately, Joey can no longer be considered a "new" driver.

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