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Ralph Greene

RE: fuel economy of wife's 2022 Nautilus

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My wife has had her 2022 Standard Nautilus  2.0 engine and FWD since April of this year. it has been driven about 3000 miles, all urban driving. 


Today we took the car on a day trip....over 300 miles of 98% Interstate driving....to Jacksonville (FL) area. (Amelia Island)


Is the dash estimate of fuel economy anywhere near accurate? If so.....I am amazed by this vehicle's fuel economy. Trip 2, which I zero'd out beginning of trip,  said constant highway MPG  driving in the 65-75 MPH range was 33 MPG. The dash has always said wife's fuel economy in urban driving is 22-23 MPG. Now to be honest....we are careful drivers, and usually drive with an eye toward saving fuel. But we don't hold traffic up either. I also filled the tank full at a Buc--ee's (fun place) on way back,,  zero'd  out trip 1, and drive back about 75 miles on all hwy driving....again 33 MPG, much of it at 75 MPH. Also....it just idles at 73-74 , around 2000 RPM (near as I can read the tach). And has adequate power for our use. If it was one of my past Mustangs, probably would say not enough power, but for our use of this vehicle, and where we use it, would not pay for a bigger engine using more fuel. And we're not necessarily picky about fuel costs, we just like to conserve. That little 2.0 engine makes 280 ft lbs tq at 3000 RPM, and can propel this 4200 lb (plus passengers) vehicle just fine. It has "tall" trans axle gearing for good fuel economy, but 8 speed trans can down shift for more tq with just a slight pressing of the throttle. Impressive engineering. Do wish it had dual injectors (like larger Ford engines) to clean carbon off the valves and intake,  but guess I can do a carbon cleaning when necessary. 

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It really depends on the exact unit as to how accurate the dash reading is.  Generally they seem to be accurate within a few mpg, some are pretty darn spot on.  The only real way to know is to fill the tank to the same level (e.g. the 1st time it clicks off automatically).  Use one of your trip meters on the dash to measure your estimated mileage and your distance driven (odometer change) since the last fill-up.  Divide those miles by the number of gallons you put in, compare against the dash reading.

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